Wind turbines = bad for raptors

We thought you might be shocked by this map of the ZTV of wind farms in Scotland produced by the John Muir Trust. The map below shows the ZTV (zone of theoretical visibility) for wind turbines currently operating in Scotland. And there are many more consented but not built, built but not yet operating, and those still in planning.

Quite an unbelievable amount of destruction – and for what? An unreliable and intermittent supply of electricity!
Map attached

JMT visual-impact-windfarms-scotland Sept 2014 (1)

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  • nirofo

    The birdwatchers, ornithologists, environmentalists and the many and various wildlife protection groups of the UK all had the opportunity to make their voices heard in protest at the start of this mad rush to build so-called green windfarms. What did they all do, grabbed the opportunity to prove that they were right and it’s all in the name of reducing carbon emissions at all costs. Well, it was at all costs alright, the worst large scale environmental destruction we’ve seen in this country since the start of the industrial revolution, and for what, little or no gain in the reduction of carbon emissions, extremely high cost to the taxpayer, a system that still needs continual 24 hour backup from fossil fuel and nuclear power stations. I could go on but it’s all been said many times, pity nobody will listen until it’s too late !!!