American Indian tribes win court battle to the right to use Bald Eagle feathers for tribal rituals.

The bald eagle may no longer be at risk of extinction, but the U.S. effort to protect the national bird became harder last week. A federal appeals court revived a religion-based challenge to a U.S. regulation that allows only members of Indian tribes recognized by the government to possess the birds’ feathers, so long as […]

American Bald Eagle shot in Bridgeton City Park,New Jersey

Bridgeton, New Jersey – Animal advocates have offered an additional reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of all individuals responsible for shooting a bald eagle found seriously wounded in Bridgeton City Park in May.


The eagle being released after treatment


Diclofenac in Europe – update. Where are we?

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(for background information on Diclofenac in Europe: see news from the 3th March 2014 >>

10 EU governments and the EU Commission have already received from national organisational a formal request to start a referral procedure to ban the drug in Europe

14,000 people have signed the English petition – see […]

African Vultures are now more endangered than Rhinos

Africa’s Vultures are being Threatened By An Assault on All Fronts. Vultures are being killed on an unprecedented scale across Africa, with the latest slaughter perpetrated by elephant poachers who poison the scavenging birds so they won’t give away the location of their activities. In several West African countries, some species of vultures have declined […]

Beavers are mysteriously back in Britain – will this be another species Natural England will not welcome?

Tom Buckley was overjoyed. Earlier this year the retired environmental scientist proudly documented the first family of beavers living wild in England since the species was hunted to near extinction in Britain several hundred years ago—a discovery that came almost by accident.


Bearded vulture shot in France – sad reminder that direct persecution is still very much a threat in some parts of Europe

Fortunately the bird was successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild, but the incident is even more worrying now that warning shots against vultures have been authorized in parts of France.

Layrou, a young male Bearded Vulture, born in 2013 at the Guadalentín specialized captive breeding center (Andalusia, Spain) […]

Hen Harrier: was a golden opportunity lost by not satellite tagging all harriers at Langholm this season?

Already we have seen a number of this year’s young harriers leaving Langholm for pastures new. Annie one of two tagged harriers is reported to have flown 85 km across the border into Northumberland and is currently residing SW of Wooler. It appears that so far there has been no available data from Sid’s satellite […]

North Wales Police report Peregrine found poisoned


Police in North Wales are appealing for the assistance of the public after it was confirmed that a Peregrine Falcon had been found poisoned in June. Rural Crime Team manager Sgt Rob Taylor said: “The death of a female Peregrine Falcon in a quarry in Penmaenmawr in June has been confirmed as having […]

Well known vulture and raptor traders imprisoned by Belgium court

Landmark court sentence good news to curb the growing illegal trade on birds of prey. In July a Belgium court sentenced four people to heavy prison sentences and fines, after it found them guilty of illegal trade in protected and endangered birds, including vultures. The case is the result of a long and […]

Bearded vulture reintroduction projects in Europe: 9 young released this year in 4 sites in Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain

The Vulture Conservation Foundation says the Bearded Vulture is recovering in Europe, but globally it is still declining.