Hen Harrier: SGA Press Release written by Alex Hogg & Robin Page writing in Saturday’s Telegraph.

A Little Knowledge is DANGEROUS.

In a recent Press Release the Chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) Mr Alex Hogg, has suggested prospects for this year’s grouse shooting season in Scotland look good ahead of the Glorious Twelfth. Its not important we feel what Mr Hogg says, rather than what he does not say that is important. For example Mr Hogg tells readers in his Press Release heather management and predator control undertaken by gamekeepers to produce a surplus of grouse for sport benefits threatened curlews and lapwigs, we think the SGA chairman meant to write lapwing.


Grouse numbers may be increasing in Scotland along with Lapwing and Curlew because of the work keepers do, but endangered raptors get no mention. 

Mr Hogg’s claims should not surprise anyone. When ever the chairman of the SGA is talking about the good work undertaken in Scotland to help threatened species on moorland maintained by gamekeepers, you can be sure he will never mention other threatened moorland birds like raptors which have disappeared altogether, or are about to disappear from those regions other than to control their numbers. Why is that Mr Hogg? Is it because raptors are doing very well on moorlands where red grouse are shot in Scotland and no longer require any help to survive? Perhaps the most disingenuous statement made by Mr Hogg is this one, just a moment while we find a handkerchief to mop up our tears:- “The most pleasing things for us, though, is the fate of our fragile species.” What no mention of species like hen harrier or peregrine again Alex?

To highlight just how repetitive Mr Hogg’s claims are  when he refers to curlew and lapwing, writing in Saturdays Telegraph (9 August), Robin Page begins with the following main headline when writing about the hen harrier day:- Killers with friends in high places. The article then includes a sub heading which is utter drivel:- The cry goes up: Save the Hen Harrier: That’s good news for this aerial predator, but a death  sentence for vulnerable species like lapwing. What a load of old tosh, has Mr Page ever been on a grouse moor to watch and study hen harriers? Of course he hasn’t, where would he go to observe them, does he even know the hen harrier is almost extinct in England?

You can read the nonsense written by Robin Page in Saturday’s Telegraph here.

Read what Mr. Hogg has written here.



2 comments to Hen Harrier: SGA Press Release written by Alex Hogg & Robin Page writing in Saturday’s Telegraph.

  • Circus maxima

    Its all shallow spin backed up by hot air and prejudice…

    The truth is that the press release should read…we are currently not killing curlew and lapwing and their numbers are increasing on the badly managed moorland fringes.

  • Julie Wright

    I’d like to know where the Lapwings were in the Forest of Bowland? I couldn’t find them or any other bird mentioned There are plenty here in the South East probably because we have no Grouse Moors. Oh and we have Peregrines, Buzzards, Hobby’s, Kestrel & if we’re really lucky and they don’t get killed up North we may see Hen Harriers when they move down South later in the year. We have a variety of wildlife and lots of it. It’s utter nonsense, with all these birds of prey you would think that other species numbers suffer they don’t.