Romania: For the first time two Lesser Spotted Eagle chicks found in one nest.

Lesser Spotted Eagle nest with two chicks on sycamore tree (Vidacut)

Lesser Spotted Eagle nest with two chicks on sycamore tree (Vidacut)

This year, members of Milvus, a wildlife conservation Group in Romania carried out field work to examine a number of  Lesser Spotted Eagle nests throughout the breeding success and study the factors that threaten the species. A number of chicks were also ringed in the two natural 2000 sites. This activity is part of “LIFE08 NAT/RO/000501 project – Conservation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle in Romania – other conservation activities were also implemented.

On the 22th of July, during synchronised raptor observations on the Dealurile Târnavelor and Valea Nirajului Natura 2000 sites, Milvus identified more Lesser Spotted Eagle territories and the approximate location of their nests.

Nest with two Lesser Spotted Eagle chicks near G?l??eni

Nest with two Lesser Spotted Eagle chicks near

On the following day the group verified the territories, searched the nests of eagles and ringed the chicks. In a forest near Vidacut (Harghita county), during their examination they made an extremely surprising discovery – a nest containing two Lesser Spotted Eagle chicks! This phenomenon is very rare for this species in Romania because of the bird’s habit of “cannibalism” – when the older chick kills its younger sibling.

Continuing their activities, on the next day in the same protected area a second Lesser Spotted Eagle nest containing twins was also found.

In literature there are very few similar examples, when both chicks survive in the nest, and in Romania it`s the first time this phenomenon has ever been recorded.


A fully developed fledgling and one with incomplete plumage in the nest



The two chicks together getting  along well in the same nest.

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