Hen Harrier Day of Peaceful Protest, Order your T-Shirts

Throughout the last two weeks many people who will be supporting the National Hen Harrier Peaceful Day of Protest have been asking where can they order and buy their Hen Harrier T-Shirt. The North West Raptor Protection Group have been approved by BAWC (Birders Against Wildlife Crime), to sell their own T-Shirt design for the next ten days only at a price of £15 plus £3 postage. Orders  to Bowland-HenHarrier-Demo@sky.com  Copy and paste this e-mail address into your e-mail address box to place your order.


Orders must be placed prior to 31 July

The price per shirt includes a sum of £5 which will be donated towards costs incurred by BAWC which the group have spent organising the Hen Harrier Peaceful Protest Day; these costs have not been cheap, mostly from their own pocket. Sizes available: small, medium, large and XL.

Orders received after the 31 July may be too late for delivery before the 10 August 


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