Listen to the Hen Harrier Podcast on the Birders Against Wildlife Crime web site

BAWC LOGOWe invite our followers to listen to the four recorded Podcasts which have been published by Birders Against Wildlife Crime on their web site during the past week or so. You will hear Charlie Moores a founder members of BAWC  interviewing 4 different individuals about Hen Harrier and their persecution taking place on England’s upland moorlands where Red Grouse are shot. Each of the 4 people being interviewed provided their personal take on the current situation and what they consider to be the way forward in the future.

You will be surprised at the frank and honest way each person responded to the questions they were asked. Both Andre Farrar (RSPB) and Chris Pacham pull few punches and unreservedly condemn the on-going persecution by gamekeepers of protected raptors on red grouse moors. Mark Avery as always provides eloquence and professionalism to the debate. Terry Pickford discusses his personal experiences talking about raptor persecution throughout the Forest of Bowland in the last 50 years. Terry provides a valuable historical incite of how persecution has decimated Bowland’s raptors in recent years. One of Terry’s interesting prediction tells us that if the raptor persecution by gamekeepers on red grouse moorland does not stop, many of these iconic birds of prey could disappear altogether in the next decade.

The 4 conservationist  interviewed were as  follows:

Dr Mark Avery

Chris Packham

Andre Farrar, RSPB

Terry Pickford, A founder member of  The North West Raptor Protection Group.

You can listen to each of the Podcast interviews with Charlie Moores here.






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