Councillor’s in the Highlands condemn raptor poisoning on the Black Isle

Members of the Highland Council have joined the increasing number of organisations  condemning the illegal killing of Black Isle raptors. To date the total of birds of prey found dead is 22, of which 12 are now confirmed to have been poisoned.


Dead Red Kite

Leaders of the four main political groupings on the Highland Council – SNP, Liberal Democrats, Labour and Independent – have signed a motion to be considered at the next council meeting on tomorrow (May 8).

The motion reads: “The Highland Council condemns the recent illegal killing of red kites and buzzards on the Black Isle both as wrong in itself and as an act with potential to reduce the economic benefits that wildlife tourism brings to the Highlands.

“The council urges anyone with relevant information to contact Police Scotland; welcomes the actions of Scottish Land & Estates and of NFU Scotland in supporting attempts to identify the culprit(s); and commits itself to continuing to work with community planning partners, through the Highland Environment Forum, to reinvigorate the fight against all wildlife crime in the Highlands.”

One council leader Drew Hendry (SNP) said: “It is appalling to hear that the number of birds found dead as a result of the incident on the Black Isle has now reached 22.

“The Highland community planning partnership specifically recognises the importance of the wildlife of the Highlands, and in particular iconic species such as Red Kites, to the economy of the area.

“We are committed to working with all interested parties, through the Highland Environment Forum, to stop such incidents in future.”

Councillor Jaci Douglas (Independent) said: “The Independent Group is keen that this serious issue has full cross party support.

“We feel it is vital that there is a consistent and clear message that this type of crime is completely unacceptable, and that we work together to eradicate it entirely.”

Depute leader Councillor Alston (Liberal Dem) said: “It is disturbing that so many birds have been found dead, but I’m heartened that so many people are coming together to put up a reward for information.

“This demonstrates the strong attachment that people have for Scotland’s wildlife and their determination to put an end to these abhorrent acts.”

If anyone has any information in relation to this particular, or any similar incident, they are  urged to make contact with their local police. If necessary this can be done anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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