Peregrine falcon found shot dead near Stirling

Reading about the unacceptable slaughter of migrating birds on the island of Malta, including many rare and endangered raptors has highlighted to people across the world, just why these birds need better protection, not just on Malta but in many other European countries and in the Middle East. Sadly today we are brought back to our own shores where raptors continue to be persecuted, not just on grouse moors but also areas close to our own homes. Police Scotland are reporting that a peregrine falcon was found shot and  have launched an investigation into the death of the  falcon which was found in a quarry after being killed illegally.

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Peregrine shot by a camera, a much better way, courtesy of Sam Hobson

 Raptor workers found the four-year-old peregrine in Cambusbarron Quarry near Stirling while they were carrying out monitoring work. One thing is certain, as the falcon was not shot on a grouse moor we are certain the death had nothing to do with gamekeepers.

Police Scotland are working with the Scottish Raptor Study Group and the RSPB to try and establish the circumstances of the bird’s death.

Pc Malcolm O’May, Forth Valley division’s wildlife crime officer, said: “Police Scotland takes the persecution of these magnificent birds of prey very seriously and we will be doing all we can to identify the person responsible for this crime.

“We will be working with the local community and our partners in RSPB, but I would ask anyone who has been in the Cambusbarron Quarry over the last few months to get in touch with us, you may hold crucial information that will assist in catching those responsible.”

The bird was found on April 15.

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Female Peregrine Falcon: courtesy of Terry Pickford

2 comments to Peregrine falcon found shot dead near Stirling

  • Neil Smith

    When a crime like this takes place the authorities should destroy every pigeon loft within a 10 mile radius of the nest as a deterrent.

    Editor’s Comment. Neil, there was a man called Hitler that went about things that way, look where he ended up.

  • andrew macdonald

    not sure where the quarry is but on google maps theres clearly a grouse moor to the west of cambusbarron.