Farmers in Strathspey are working with conservationists after young sea eagles moved onto their land.

Following the arrival of a pair of imature sea eagles in Abernethy, local farmers have met with RSPB Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage to express their concerns over the potential for the sea eagles to damage livestock – particularly as lambing season is getting under-way.

Hannah and Ian Smith, of Lurg Farm, Nethy Bridge said: “We have concerns with lambing coming up as to the potential impact on lambs and other wildlife in the area. So far we have had a positive meeting with the relevant agencies.”

RSPB Abernethy’s senior site manager Jeremy Roberts said: “I can understand the nervousness of local farmers. It was good to hear about their concerns first hand.

“These are young birds and it is unclear what they are going to do. However, we will work together to manage the problems that may arise.”

SNH Aviemore operations officer Keith Duncan added: “We welcome the farmers taking the initiative to set up this meeting. We are listening to their concerns and we will work with them on this issue. We would ask visitors to the area to respect the farming communities at this busy lambing season and the welfare of the birds.”

NFU Scotland’s Ian Wilson said: “With these young birds moving into a new area of Scotland, whilst it is a great concern to local farmers it is an opportunity for farmers and agencies to learn from failings in other areas. This meeting is the start of a positive relationship between local farmers, RSPB and SNH working together to manage any situation that may arise.”

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