Raven found held captive in Crow trap Sunday 6 April, Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland.

RavenWe have just received first hand information from a two members of the public who this morning discovered a crow trap containing a captive raven (a protected species). The trap which conformed to regulations was found on moorland belonging to United Utilities in Lancashire’s Forest of  Bowland.  As there were no indications of how long the raven had been held captive within the trap, which must by law be examined every 24 hours to conform with legal requirements, the bird was released immediately to ensure it bird was not held captive throughout the evening without food. We are advised that had the raven been held captive over night the bird’s safety and welfare could have been placed in jeopardy. Throughout the whole of the Forest of Bowland there are estimated to be over 30 similar traps which are maintained by estate gamekeepers. Any protected avian specie must be released as soon as possible, but we just wonder how many are.


Crow trap holding 3 captive buzzards


Gamekeeper inside crow trap seen clubbing a buzzard to death.

3 comments to Raven found held captive in Crow trap Sunday 6 April, Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland.

  • Skydancer

    I think we all know what would have happened to this raven had it not been found and then released by who ever discovered it in the first place. This might explain why very few ravens have seen in Bowland this year.
    Why are United Utilities allowing these cruel traps on their land when they advertise themselves as a green company? Who is responsible for monitors these traps across the Forest of Bowland to ensure they are being used correctly, and that all protected species trapped are immediately set free?

  • Ringtail

    I could ask exactly the same question of Yorkshire Water. If UU and YW banned this unnecessary ‘management’ on all of their land, it would help many upland species recover from years of medieval-style persecution. Together, they own vast amounts of land. Why are the gamekeepers ruling the roost?

    Editor’s Comment. Thank you Kate for your very interesting comment. The reason why gamekeepers are being permitted to do what they do so well is down to politics and a lack of will by successive governments do do anything about it.

  • Whoever

    Shouldn’t there be a campaign to shame these utilities into getting rid of all hunting on their land?

    Editor’s Comment. Martin, could not agree more, we will support you if you begin a petition to that effect.