Are we still living in Victorian Times?


This is how a Red Kite should look in the 21st century

The images below shows how twelve Red Kites appear poisoned in Scotland





five dead buzzards

The image above shows a complete story, four dead Buzzards. 

Now compare the atrocities in Scotland with similar incidents taking place in Southern Africa.


White-backed vultures  poisoned 21st Century in a third world country, where is the difference?

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  • Kevin moore

    Unfortunately gamekeepers are still living in Victorian times, most still live by the rule of anything with a hooked beak and talons must be shot,trapped or poisoned. It’s just a pity the RSPB are not still living in Victorian times because back then the RSPB was founded by women who were prepared to fight for the cause unlike the bunch of lily livered wimps who run the RSPB today. For example their failure to speak out against the peregrine collapse which has taken place in the Forest of Bowland on their watch. The reason the society is not prepared to say anything is simple, they are concerned if they did so this would upset powerful landowners that control everything in this region. Instead they claim the abandonment of at least 15 territories and the unexplained disappearance of 15 breeding pairs of peregrines was a result of poor weather or a lack of food. What utter rubbish; these misleading views show a complete lack of understanding of peregrine behaviour, and disregards the fact weather nor food play any disruptive part in the success of peregrines away from grouse moors in the same area of Lancashire which encircle the Forest of Bowland .