The Eagles Way- a new book review

The Eagles Way

By Jim Crumley

Published by Saraband Price £12.99
ISBN 9781908643476 Soft back 216 pages

This is the 26th book by Jim Crumley but the only one just on eagles. The theme of the book is the new and exciting combination of both Golden Eagle and White tailed Eagle especially as they have now been reintroduced on both the west and east of Scotland. Jim is very much a Golden Eagle lover and wanted to explore the passage of the White tailed from the east to the west using glens that he had watched for over 30 years.

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The book starts with a visit to the ‘Tomb of the eagles’ on Orkney looking back 5000 years to when the Orcadians use to live side by side with the White tailed Eagle and use them to take their dead relatives into the afterlife. Sixteen eagles were found in this one tomb along with human remains. He describes his first encounter with a White tailed Eagle near the Tay estuary where he was born and brought up. He hunts for the release area of these reintroduced birds and finds roosting sites and follows their movement up the glens into Golden Eagle territory. He quotes some of the earliest writers on eagles like John Colquhoun, Seaton Gordon, Leslie Brown and recent works from Mike Tomkies and John Love.

Crumley looks at the remarks of some of the papers describing these new eagles and says ’Hysteria is so much loader than wonder’ especially regarding the vicar’s geese! Another great quote came from Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous organic architect ‘I believe in god but spell it ‘Nature’! Jim is surprisingly a golfer with his course, St Fillans, described as the best in Perthshire. Well he has seen both species of eagle from it and that was not for getting the ball in the hole early on a par 5!

There is a chapter on Mull and Skye with reference to his need to be on his own while out eagle hunting. So when he joins an eco tour to see what it was all about he was surprised by the result. Anyone who loves eagles should read this book as it is easy reading and you will learn something about Scotland you may not have known not to mention eagles!

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