Update- pair of Golden Eagles found poisoned in Poland, the male well on the way to full a full recovery

On the 16 March we published details of a second breeding pair of Golden Eagles which had been found poisoned in the  Magura National Park in Poland. Sadly the female eagle could not be saved and died. The full story can be followed here.


The male golden eagle saved from death after being pound poisoned along side his lifelong mate.

Veterinarian Mr. Fedaczynski tells us that eagle will be released very soon.

Well at least this is very good news after all the sad stories published recently regarding the shooting and poisoning of peregrines, white-tailed and golden eagles.

One additional glimmer of hope has also just arrived in our office sent to us by Otakar Zavalski from the Czech Republic regarding the shooting this week of the golden eagle named Tonicka. Otakar informs us he has been officially advised that the highest branch of Czech Police, (Praesidium in Prague), will now be helping the local Moravian police  investigate and find those individuals responsible for the shooting which occurred on a national nature reserve and protected landscape area.Read the full story here.

Once we receive any additional information from the Czech Republic regarding this incident we will of course share this with our followers. Lets just hope the ongoing enquiries by the Czech Police achieve something worthwhile?

What we do know, if anyone is successfully prosecuted for this unacceptable crime, he or she will almost certainly face a long spell in prison, in addition to a very substantial fine. In the Czech Republic persecutors convicted of killing protected wildlife are fully aware the penalties for their actions (deterrent) will be harsh, unlike here in our country.

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