Raven cull proposed at Langholm, Buzzards next!

It has been confirmed that 10 ravens are to be killed at Langholm. Not to protect the moor but prevent damage to sheep farming! RavenOn a visit today to Langholm, not one sheep was seen on the moor by the harriers, and only the Upper Tarras had any sheep at all. The gamekeepers employed on the moor now want to remove the Buzzards as since they have had their jobs on the moor, have yet to have a Red Grouse shoot as the numbers of Red Grouse have never been high enough for a ‘driven’ shoot. A shoot would also increase the chances of these keepers getting ‘back handers’ from the guns.

Now that culls are proposed the whole £3.5 million can be seen to have be wasted. The whole idea of the scheme was to show how birds of prey could live on a Red Grouse moor without damaging the economics of it. By removing the Ravens [the real reason being for stealing white rats off the bird tables placed there for the harriers!] is just another step down the wrong road. As soon as you remove one species to benefit another the balance of nature is changed as the Golden Eagles were removed by the original keepers during the massacre of 1989/90.

The show case that Langholm was supposed to be is becoming the joke most people thought it would be. The estate only want heather returning and have no interest for birds of prey at all as can be seen on the rest of the estate’s huge land ownership. With the scheme grinding to a finish no real effort was made to make bird watching a big money spinner for the local economy.

Langholm before the massacre brought bird watchers from around the UK to see the birds of prey and this would have carried on only with part of the £3.5 million spent on advertising and creating parking bays along the road. Even the Black Grouse are now under threat from the present management when Langholm in the 18th Century held one of the biggest populations in the world.

2 comments to Raven cull proposed at Langholm, Buzzards next!

  • D johnstone

    It’s a disgrace for to cull the ravens it goes against the projects cause of raptors and grouse surviving together.the keepers are only concerned about grouse.

    Editor’s Comment. We understand 10 licenses were issued in 2012/13 but not used, the licenses have now been re-issued for possible use this season.

  • dave

    Information about raptor persecution, now I’m no Hercule Poirot , but at a wild guess ….gamekeepers. Raven cull, don’t think so.