Prince William’s hunting hypocrisy?

Princes Charles together with William, the Duke of Cambridge, have helped to launch a campaign to halt the rise in the illegal trade in endangered wild animals in Africa. But are the two royals being hypocrites? Why for example are they both choosing to ignore the serious plight of endangered raptors like the hen harrier, golden eagle and the peregrine which regularly receive short shrift on grouse moors both  in Scotland and throughout England’s northern uplands, which is more or less in their own back yard? For many years the royals have had an association with shooting red grouse in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland and on their own estates at Balmoral at Royal Dee-side

eagle perched

Just in case anyone missed the Channel 4 News report highlighting the illegal persecution of raptors on Scottish grouse moors, the short programme can still be watched for the next week here.

We would also urge you to pay particular attention the the comments made by the Chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, Alex Hogg. Listen CAREFULLY to what Mr Hogg had to say about the control of raptors on grouse moors in Scotland. You will then begin to understand the problems facing protected birds of prey where red grouse are shot for sport.




2 comments to Prince William’s hunting hypocrisy?

  • daniel

    There is only one word for Mr Hogg, it has four letters and it is un heard of for me to use such language!

  • paul tresto

    The arrogance of Hogg defies belief. He should be fired or forced to resign immediately. He appears to threaten protected species. The intent is clearly there – I would have thought that he could be prosecuted for publicly stating this intent? He is an absolute disgrace.

    Editor’s Comment. Could’t agree more, but Alex Hogg is not alone in his sentiments regarding birds of prey, that is the reason populations on red grouse moors are in a dire situation; sadly this position will only get worst.