Imperial Eagle winter feeding web-cam In Hungary

Educating the public and dispelling misbeliefs of this great bird of prey are among the main goals of  BirdLife Hungary’s “Conservation of imperial eagles by managing human-eagle conflicts in Hungary” LIFE+ programme.
This live stream is not only for entertaining purposes for the public but also provides invaluable information for biologists and conservation professionals in Hungary. Details about the feeding habits and parenting behaviour can be observed via the cameras located not too far from the nest. Real time video even allows scientists  to react much faster in case of emergencies.


Imperial Eagle: Image by Dusan Boucny

According to the database maintained by BirdLife Hungary, 176 eagles of different species have been victims of poisoning, shooting or intentional nest destructions since 2000.

We invite you to keep watch on the winter feeding area where you are likely to see not only imperial but also white-tailed and golden eagles also. When you log onto the video you are presented with a short commercial advertisement lasting to more than 20 seconds, don’t let this inconvenience put you off because this feature helps fund this project.

What the video here.


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