Police in the Highlands are investigating the death of yet another Buzzard

Police in the Scottish Highlands are claiming a dead buzzard found by a member of the public on the 9 December near the village of Tomatin in the Monadhliath mountains may have been killed deliberately. A police spokesperson said today that an examination of the buzzard suggests that it did not die of natural causes.


Wildlife crime officers have launched an investigation into the bird’s death and have appealed for information.

The Police have also stated: “Anyone who lives nearby or may have frequented the area during outdoor pursuits activities and may have information regarding this crime or any offences against birds of prey is asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

A golden eagle was found dead in the hills above Glen Lethnot in Angus last month. Tests on the ringed bird recovered from a moor revealed it had been poisoned.

RSPB Scotland was alerted to the eagle’s death when its satellite tracking signal remained static for several days.

In the past five-and-a-half years, another four eagles, a red kite and seven buzzards have been shot, poisoned or trapped on sporting estates in the Angus glens, according to the conservation charity.

Police have asked anyone who was in Glen Lethnot and the surrounding areas between November 10 and 25 to contact them.

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  • The answer is simple! look for any Eatstern Europeans that have moved in recently living there or in the area. It bears the hallmarks of these wanten killers who have not only devistated the Wests fish and wildlife population but show no regard for the countryside, animal welfare,or law and order. I know these people very well as they have decimated much of the fish , bird life here in Germany.Its time I think we stopped brushing the truth under the carpet and pretending all is well! Its not.