Sign new petition to help save Britain’s birds of prey.

Britain’s rarest , including hen harrier, red kites, peregrine falcon, goshawk, marsh harrier, buzzard and sparrowhawk, are being shot, trapped and poisoned in record numbers.

This persecution might be completely illegal, but inadequate legislation in England makes it easy for gamekeepers to massacre any nuisance, real or imagined. The birds are being slaughtered because of a perceived threat to game birds such as red grouse, pheasants and partridge.


Peregrine in flight- due to extensive persecution there are now more nesting peregrines in London than in the uplands of England where red grouse are shot. Image by Sam Hobson
Whether or not the birds cause real problems is irrelevant. Britain’s magnificent wildlife should not be exterminated for the sake of a non-native species and a bloodthirsty hobby practiced by the wealthy and privileged in our society.

This said, threatened raptors don’t cause significant problems. The UK has more than 2 million breeding pairs of pheasants and countless millions of red grouse. About 30 million additional pheasants and partridge are raised artificially and released into the wild to live brief, pointless lives before being shot out of the air.

Vehicles kill more pheasants than all the birds of prey in the country ever could, yet the shooting industry is not lobbying for speed restrictions.

Scotland has Vicarious Liability legislation that makes such persecution more difficult. It’s long time that England followed suit.

Tell DEFRA to protect the UK’s rapidly disappearing raptors.

Don’t delay! Do it today.

8 comments to Sign new petition to help save Britain’s birds of prey.

  • Betty Workman

    Please save our Birds of Prey

  • Ronnie Graham

    The name of this petition is actually “Save Britain’s Birds of Prey” not England’s as your article says.
    It’s unfortunate that the text accompanying this petition is so inaccurate that it will probably do more harm than good.


    Editor’s Comment. Thanks Ronnie we have changed the title. We are curious at your comment as clearly DEFRA are only responsible for birds of prey in England not the rest of the UK so why do you think England was so out of place? The other anomaly being the fact that the individual who wrote and submitted the petition appears some what of an amateur. Why for example were hen harrier and goshawk, two of England’s most persecuted raptors missed out? We do not agree either that the text we used would do more harm than good. By missing out the names of the two birds of prey most at risk in England waters down your argument, it certainly does not strengthen what you are trying to say.

  • Ronnie Graham

    My apologies Ed. for not making my point clearer.
    The text to which I refer is the overview which accompanies the petition, presumably written by Judith B.
    This is so amateurish, inaccurate and badly written (as you notice) that I doubt anyone will pay much attention to it.
    This will end up as another stagnant petition with very few signatures giving the impression, perhaps even to potential decision makers, that raptor persecution is not really a topic that many people regard as high importance.
    I am quite sceptical of the political worth of these online petitions. They can be created very easily without any real planning or thought regardless of how well meaning the originator might be.
    My advice to anyone who has had a gut-full of raptor persecution (as I have) is to continue to write to your MP’s, MSP’s, Ministers , government bodies like SNH, English / Welsh Nature, DEFRA etc. Don’t waste your time with counter-productive online petitions.

    Editor’s Comment. Ronnie could not agree more with all you have pointed out. We were only saying the same thing about these useless petitions last week, they are proving worthless and may even be providing support to the persecutors. May I also add, we the raptor supporters are very much on the back, in fact we think we are loosing the battle because politics is more important than the security of so called ‘protected’ raptors. When Natural England with hold licenses from experienced and dedicated people who have contributed over 40 years of their lives protecting raptors allowing a total population of peregrines to be destroyed the situation is lost.

  • John Miles

    There is also the point that the petition was set up by the ‘other side’ to do just that Ronnie!!!!

  • Diana Tuson

    We must fight to save our birds of prey.It is wrong that they are massacred for profit!

  • Ina Liberata

    I also agree with the comments.This petition should be stopped and rewritten as soon as possible!!!We need a GOOD and SERIOUS petition written by a professional person!!!

    With a friendly smile!

  • keith mills

    the caption under the photo states there are now more nesting peregrines in london than there are in the english uplands! how many hundreds of pairs of peregrines are there in london for goodness sake!!!

    Editor’s comment. We suggest you read the ORIGINAL article ( ) published on Raptor Politics before making silly comments like this. We are taking about red grouse moors in England’s northern uplands only, not the uplands as a whole.

  • I live with birds of prey each day, on the banks of the Rio Grande (river) in NM, US. They are a very necessary part of this ecology and of Britain’s. Please protect them.