The untimely death of a Cumbrian Barn Owl

The Slow death of a Barn Owl captured by one of our followers.
Attached is a sorry sight of a dead female Barn Owl caught by the wing during the very windy weather we had endured earlier this week. I photographed the bird over the Christmas holiday which is seen hanging from one of two electricity lines which crosses the road from Rose Bank Farm to Hawksdale Pasture Farm, Nr Dalston, Carlisle which now is a new development. How long would this beautiful bird have suffered prior to its untimely death. If you wish, please feel free to use this picture to highlight the enormous pressures the Barn Owl is under in this modern day environment. 
Hope you are all having a very happy and peaceful Christmas and may I wish you all the same for the 2014.
Thank you Ian.

3 comments to The untimely death of a Cumbrian Barn Owl

  • Really sad image of such a wonderful bird. Nature is constantly under so much pressure from every angle. The bottom line is that sadly the majority of people don’t even notice or care!!!!

  • Sad to say, but I reckon Mike Groves has made a key comment here in that he claims in his reply to this post….’sadly the majority of people don’t even notice or care’.

  • I spend my life talking to people about the plight of the beautiful Barn Owl and our other raptors, I find that people do listen and many do care but were just not aware of these things, it is up to us to keep talking to people and fight for our raptors, saying that most people don’t care is no excuse, we must make people care and to do that we must keep talking, fighting and even make a nuisance of ourselves, if we give up then what is left?

    Editor’s Comment. Well said Chrissie. Thank you for your comment and may we all here wish you and all your family a Happy New Year/ please keep up your good work.