Christmas and New Year Greetings from the Raptor Politics Team.


The whole team at Raptor Politics wish to extend our sincere thanks to all our followers, both here in the UK and abroad, for taking an interest in what we have to say about the plight of Britain’s birds of prey. Raptors throughout the uplands of northern England in particularly continue to experiencing terrible times, mainly the result of their widespread persecution to protect red grouse stocks which are then shot for sport. The situation we blogged about in September where we highlighted the collapse of all but a single breeding pair of peregrine falcons from within Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland tells its own tragic story. This position is unlikely to improve anytime soon under England’s present Tory Government who have rejected the calls to implement the new law of (Vicarious Liability), which would make estate owners responsible for the illegal actions of their employees.

Lets just hope that eventually common sense and improved enforcement of wildlife legislation may begin to turn matter around in favour of the few raptors that remain. We have already lost the hen harrier as a breeding species in England, we simply must not accept any additional losses!

5 comments to Christmas and New Year Greetings from the Raptor Politics Team.

  • John Miles

    A big happy xmas to you all and a freedom of the skies in 2014 to all Birds of prey out there. Please share around the world.

  • Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful NewYear.
    My wish for 2014 is that all raptor persecutors get their just desserts, at last and they we remain strong in our fight to save these wonderful birds from those who would harm them.

    • kevin moore

      Happy Christmas Chrissie, i don’t know about the persecutors getting their just desserts but we will definitely remain strong in our fight to protect these wonderful birds, because the people that are paid to protect them won’t do it.There is a real problem however, if the trend in bowland continues, there will no longer be any raptors to protect anymore.

  • kevin moore

    Best wishes to all the readers of Raptor Politics,lets hope for a better year for birds of prey.

  • nirofo

    Ho Ho Ho, and what exiting presents did Santa bring the shooting estate owners for Christmas, let me guess? A nice pair of Purdy’s, a box of 12 bore cartridges and a bag of delicious alphachloralose pies.

    Merry Christmas everbody, let’s hope they shoot themselves where it hurts with the Purdy’s and choke themselves on the alphachloralose pies. Maybe then they’ll leave the Raptors in peace for the New Year.

    Perhaps this new year will be the year that the RSPB wake up and put real pressure on the estate owners instead of cow-towing to them. (Okay, I know, but I did say perhaps!!!).