Unimaginable slaughter of migrating birds in Lebanon.

We thought wildlife crime was bad in the Britain, well look at the images below to learn just how bad crimes against birds has become in the Lebanon.

Blood in the veins of nature lovers, ornithologists and scientists from all over Europe freezes dealings taking place in Lebanon. Many articles and video reports that it is almost a national sport. Talking about shooting anything that moves, especially the migrating birds, which in the winter flow from Europe to Africa. 

Despite the establishment of the right of protection, dealings is still practiced. Lebanon is a major migratory route south: An interesting fact is that hunting in this country has already been banned in 1994, but as you can see this one too does not care. 

The legal situation in two sentences: The environmental situation throughout Lebanon is very chaotic. Hunting was banned by a law ‘issued in 1995, and this law is still in force, though almost totally ignored. A new hunting law was agreed in 2004 but has never been implemented. 

Thus, in addition to common birds like storks Polish, swallows and buzzards also die extremely rare breeding species such as bee-eaters, black storks and the roller. The following gallery of photos. Storks: Cranes: Black Stork –

The scale of the phenomenon is unimaginable: More photos can be seen on FB: https: / / www.facebook.com / stophuntinglebanon 

Read a + sign the  petition against such practices here: https://www.causes.com/v2actions/1686641-enforce-hunting-laws-in-lebanon-stop-the-massacre

Zobacz wi?cej na: http://www.wykop.pl/ramka/1748296/niewyobrazalna-masakra-ptakow-migrujacych-w-libanie/

40 comments to Unimaginable slaughter of migrating birds in Lebanon.

  • Tinúviel

    I am physically nauseous. Is there anything else that can be done to stop this atrocity, this inhuman barbarism?

    Editor’s Comment. Governments MUST enforce the law, this includes enforcement here in the United Kingdom. Sadley the government we have here in England AT THE MOMENT is simply not up to this task.

  • Karin Engebretsen

    Please make laws and make an effort to stop this slaughter. This is a horrible crime towards the worlds birds. No country owns their wildlife, specially migrating birds.


    Editor’s Comment. Karin thank you for your comment. The laws are in place but the problem is they are not enforced against the persecutors as they should be. The additional difficulty we now face in England, the aristocracy of this country are also supporters of the current government and therefore the Tory law makers are treading softly when it comes to enforcement of legislation designed to protect raptors where many of these individuals also shoot themselves. Don’t forget many members of the Tory party, for example people Richard Benyon MP, also own large estates in both England and Scotland where they also employ gamekeepers. This is one reason why our current Prime Minister David Cameron is not interested in following Scotland’s example by introducing Vicarious Liability into law in England, protecting his shooting allies and supporters.

  • finn birkholm-clausen

    How cruel can man be against the wild animals. It is awful to see through the Photos. Stop this madness. The shooters don´t even eat or stuff the birds. The poor creatures a just shot for fun. If this is what hunting is about it is time to forbid hunting all over the globe. Including Europe.My grandfather was hunter, my dad, my son and myself. This is far away from the etics around hunting, we were taught.

  • monica fatima echeverria taiba

    el ser humano se dice civilizado, que piensa que se educa, pero me pregunto como es posible que seamos tan malos? la aristocracia tienen por deporte la caza, en españa, la corridas de toro, en mexico las peleas de gallos, en chile los rodeos y asi sucesivamente, ¡ hasta cuando? hasta que se extingan las especies?

    Google translation of the above comment

    The civilized human being says, he thinks he is educated, but I wonder how it is possible to be so bad? aristocracy have for sport hunting in Spain, the bullfighting in mexico cockfighting in chile rodeos and so on, until when? until the species is extinct?

  • Semaan

    Jules Renard, a famous French writer once said : ” When you discuss matters with other people, always bear in mind that intelligence has its limits, but STUPIDITY HAS NONE ” .
    I deeply think that this motto applies to these ignorant hunters , proud of their stupidity ; it’s a good thing their faces are covered because ugliness is not nice to be looked at.

  • Robart

    These people must die as the same way as the killed animals!!!

  • patrick

    I am a Lebanese citizen born in Beirut… all what has been said is unfortunately true, the problem is that here, like everywhere else, we have a barbarian population, the only difference is that elsewhere the government has power in all the land, unlike here, in some areas in Lebanon, especially in areas like the Bekaa valley, government has no full control or power over, this leaves plenty of room for barbarian people like those in the photos to do inhuman acts for fun. (The birds killed are eaten unlike what has been said above; only big birds are not eaten).
    P.S: too many people, activists and NGOs in Lebanon are fighting for this cause.

  • Well Patrick i beg the differ, the Government has enough control, but people, animals, environment etc… are NOT their priority or concern. As the people themselves has been mistreated by their Leaders.

    As Tripoli, Lebanon becomes a hunting zone, where people kill each other. The country needs some major changes and enforcement; but re-election of the same politicians AGAIN wont make that change.

  • sarayevo

    hello everyone i am lebanese and im a huntter too i can say that yes some of these pics are a crime to nature but others are huntting and i think you should see other countries who kill those birds by using huge nets and bury them we dont have a law for huntting here and we should have i know what to shoot and what not to but lots dont

  • SRH

    you should go fuck yourselves……you should be sick of yourselves
    i wish people like these get things they deserve the way they treat animals

  • Janos

    Why is your name sarayevo? The faces of these allmost human beeings should be seen. They are laughing! What is happening in those heads? There are lot of terrible things done by retarded idiots in the world, this is in the top ten for sure! Hope they get the punishment for this!!

  • Elie Saab

    im a hunter from Lebanon…the thing is that the new law about hunting is set but the problem is that the government does not have the man power to control yet the hunting so the true hunters not the shooters ( these people are called shooters not hunters) are trying to teach the beginners about birds and wild life using Europeans laws we are making a slow progress but we need the power of the state to finish any outlaw shooting…

  • It is a crime, it is a massacre, yes i love my country and its nature, and i agree with every comment related to this ugly pics. I wish hunting could be banned for ever. But the funny thing is the people who are differing Beginners from experts Hunters, wowwww, experts kills the birds and the nature in a professional way while teaching the beginners to follow their path.

  • Arshak Davidian

    I am afraid if they see this in Armenia, they may declare war on Lebanon! Storks and cranes are next to sacred for Armenians. Storks nest everywhere and roam around the fields, they walk behind the harvesting machines in Autumn… everybody loves them, even though they do some harm to fisheries, nobody will ever think of harming one… Both are national symbols!
    Bee eaters I have seen in tens of thousands in Karabakh, nobody hunts them, though bee keepers certainly don’t like them…
    I remember well, during the civil war in Lebanon, I witnessed twice how the Phalangists opened anti-aircraft fire against storks flying very high… Well, I will refrain from telling what I think on how to deal with the hunters… lest you call me a sadist.

    Arshak Davidian,
    equally Lebanese and Armenian…

  • Arshak Davidian

    PS.- The main problem is not in restraining barbaric instincts with an iron fist (call it governance), but it is an illness intrinsic to the society… It is an indicator of civility and level of education (mind you, this does not mean literacy or having diplomas!).
    The Lebanese have zero respect to their own country AND its nature… If I am not mistaken, the last wild bear was shot in the Cedar forest in the forties… you will not be able to find wolves or hyenas, unless they have crossed the border from Syria… A country with a 210 Km coastline, where fish is the most expensive meat in the market and most of it is imported from the Gulf countries… Your house sewage water may be cleaner than the sea… dynamite and hand grenades are common fishing gear…

  • Bad people, bad culture, destroying nature, easily able to eliminate people,
    Those of our neighbors ….
    It will take you another 1,000 years to understand the value of nature, if any remain natural

  • This is the Arab people and the Arab nation is what they do to destroy everything beautiful, that’s what they were taught at school and at the school they are not going. A bunch of sadists. Arabs do not know what it is to help humanity and humanity. I hate them big., I call on all enlightened world to shake off the cruel Arabs.

    • mid

      Oh you seem much better than them with all you racism and ignorance! Bravo!

    • rana

      I was really shocked to see these brutal photos but I am very sorry to see your words regarding the Arabs.I am an Arab but along with other Arabs,we love nature and people from all around the world.I am en environmentalist that fights hard to stop these environmental massacres. But what hurts me more that some of our nation have worsened our reputation all around the world. We are taught in schools & in our families about forgiving , tolerance, love, peace, respect and many other good values and ethics but unfortunately some extremists have spread hate and evilness. I hope that you can change your opinion because generalization really hurts.Thank you.

      Editor’s Comment Hi Rana, we accept that the slaughter of these migrating birds is undertaken by a small number of people. Certainly we accept that most Arabs love nature and would condemn what is taking place in your country. We have the same problem here in the UK where many of our protected raptors are being illegally killed in high numbers; so you see this problem is not just restricted to Arab countries, we here in Britain are just as bad when it comes to the slaughter of protected wildlife. Thanks for your comment. Editor

  • el hallal youssof

    FUN IS BACK!!!! that was the publicity for selling hunting accessories!!!! What are you waiting from a country where human is daily hunted and killed by thousands of barbaric ways while all the world is just looking indifferently ???? To respect the nature we need a real law with a real gouvernment wich respect its country. But selling UTOPIA is the easiest way to cover someone’s real face.

  • Pierre Kharrat

    Lebanese people who hunt birds and shoots wild animals are BARBERIANS and must be punished

  • Vincent

    Hey Pierre, where were you when my brothers were killed and kidnapped just for the heck of it, hunting is a sport, killing humans is NOT, save your ignorant comment to yourself, we Lebanese already know that the world did not care when we died why should we care about the world.

    • Espen

      Well Vincent, the word ignorant suits u best not Pierre! If u Lebanese don’t care about each other why the world should care about you ??? If u consider killing migrant birds is a sport…u better get some education.
      Coz ppl like u when u try migrating to Europe or Australia will definitely end up being shark food!

      I was a hunter once…but not anymore!

  • Good evening, as an editor for an environmental website in lebanon, and an activist in the field of environmental issues, I really feel so sad, to see this,though I know worse is happening that we have little control over it. We tried and many times, to fight this”epidemic disease” and still, many of the photos have been taken from our website and articles in many important lebanese newspapers. for all people, interested in the fight, and enthusiastic to make a change, we should continue in spreading the awareness. For those who ask for a reason, I have no specific answer, but I guess, probably because these people simply can do it, and there’s no real action against them, as punishment, and when the media is spreading all these advertisements for immunitions and gear for hunters without any reaction from government. the only option we’re left with is to make this issue more public and probably this will get us somewhere, plz, keep in touch with us via the website, www,ghadinews.net. thank you…

  • I forgot to mention earlier about our cooperation with our hungarian friends from Saker Falcon conservation project who helped us to follow up with many articles concerning stork,falcons, chaffinches and many migrating birds…

  • Roland Hamati

    I am ashamed of saying I am Lebanese, but we are not all like those hunters, they are animals and need to be hanged by their balls.

  • Isabelle

    This is by far one of the cruelest threads I’ve encountered about hunting in Lebanon. I’m so ashamed to be Lebanese, and sadly, this situation won’t change any time soon; the government is too busy and unavailable. It just gets worse every year because for some reason, people just become more unethical in this country day by day. If these people had the slightest maturity and understanding of mother nature and how some things need to remain untouched, I wouldn’t be staring at these barbaric images trying to hold back from crying! I find it very funny when people start pointing fingers about how others don’t care about human beings, why the heck would I care about the only animal who preys on itself and all others. Let the bombers and terrorists think about that, while normal people who actually have feelings think of the animals. Mnel ekhir, buzz off stupid ignorant people and spare us your humiliating comments.

  • MaryAlice Pollard (@CornwallsVoice)

    This is obscene – it is horrifying to scroll down these photos and see the numbers of murdered birds – and these, just one example ! This has to somehow be made illegal and the people must know that the punishment for these crimes is severe – they are wiping out specie after specie !!!

  • Sandro

    I do really hope these guys get shot one day on their way to work or even they end up being eaten by some wild animals coz this is what they deserve!!

  • Marius Kumpys

    The first reaction to this atrocities was: someone ******** this Lebanese, and various xenophobic badwords – I censored myself… Starks, cranes are loved in Eastern European countries. And probably one of these shot are from my country… It is very very sad. Bee-eaters are rarity at all in my country. It is sure that these hunters are bastards. I do justify hunting when is hunted for survival, but hey this is slaughter and nothing else!

  • Mahmoud haythem

    poor birds
    they killing it to prof that they are real men :(

  • michel huysmans

    Ignorend idiot barbarians are in every country. Slaughtering Arabs or other nationalities should read their Koran or Bilble properly. Animals are innocent and should be left alone. What politics and people do to each other is a human problem, so don’t punish the innocent animals… This is the word of God-Allah and all these other great motherf**rs.

  • Kees van Berkel

    Absolutely shocking. But I feel my stomac compressed when realizing, that in The Netherlands every year more then 100.000 geese are killed as well, just for entertainement, especially in breeding period, gassed when they can easily be caught because being in moult. The narrow-minded hunters behave the same way as in these photos with their stupid smiles

  • James Riley

    Raptor Politics, keep up all the good work you are doing for our persecuted raptors. This story is a disgrace, but with all the wars and world wide conflicts today, governments and organisation who should help seem powerless. I have even read all the outrageous goings on in your forest of bowland, i have to add i am very surprised at the rspb behaviour and in particular how their workers have been acting.

  • Pedro Rodriguez

    The wrath of Allah upon these murderers. ????

  • Zulugula

    Raptor Politics keep up the tremendous work you are undertaking. I look forward to reading all your informative articles. This site is one of the top blog for information we would not normally be able to read.

  • jay

    Im lebanese im a bird breeder and i just adore birds. Those images are cruel and def not humanic but more than half the lebanese dont agree on this slaughter but our government is not able to stop hunters simply coz there are way more important things to handle in a country effected by israel syria iran united states france uk saudi arabia russia turkey ( our country is a play ground for the nations to struggle on) i think the best solution is by pushing on the lebanese government from european wild life groups and from groups inside lebanon ……. But i have a question for all of you guys, what about fish slaughtering in europe and in the state and africa ? Do u guys have any idea on how much ugly the truth is? Millions and trillions of fish being killed daily by huge fishing boats whales are dying dolphins being killed in thousands every day ….but why u guys dont give a damn? Simply coz they want u to see the cruel bird hunting in lebanon

    Editor’s Comment. Hello Jay, thank you very much for your comment. I’m sorry to say we are now living through terrible times and the position is likely to get much worst before it gets any better. Sadly there are those amongst us that value our wonderful wildlife resources as a commodity to be slaughtered for profit and greed. It is no different here in the UK. ONE DAY THE WORLD WILL FALL SILENT, void of fauna never to return.

  • What comments can I say..its just too disgusting..heartbreaking..