Could we one day see pine martens returned to the woods of southern England?

 With its sinuous, long-tailed elegance, Martes martes is ravishingly attractive
The radical idea that we should bring back to Britain the large carnivores we long ago wiped out – lynx, wolf, even brown bear – is increasingly being discussed as part of the topic of “rewilding” the impoverished natural world of our country; and it is provoking a fair amount of heated debate. Just a fortnight ago, Paul Lister, the multimillionaire heir to the MFI furniture fortune, told The Independent that he wanted to bring back all three – yep, bears included – to his large private estate in the wilds of northern Scotland. Read the full account written by Michael McCarthy in the Independent here.

3 comments to Could we one day see pine martens returned to the woods of southern England?

  • John Miles

    What a joke. The only reason why Cumbria has not been mentioned is that the VT think fox scats are PM scats and that one still exists in the county and they do not want to loose the ancient blood line!!

  • James Smith

    John: A pine marten scat was found in Cumbria in 2011. The scat was verified by DNA analysis so it was definitely not a fox scat.

    Editor’s Comment. Much appreciate this information James, very good news. In 1999 a pine Martin was observed in the upper Langdale valley by wardens protecting a peregrine eyrie in that location. It was just as it was getting dark, the animal was seen climbing up a large pine tree.The prominent features were the size of the animal, the tail and the light whitish creamy colour of the chest. It would be interesting to know if the scat found was in this same area or not?

  • James Smith

    Thanks for the information on the sighting- very interesting. The 2011 scat was found in Grizedale Forest and in 2001 there was one found near Foulshaw Moss (again, this was verified by DNA analysis). Evidently, there are pine martens in Cumbria but in extremely low numbers.