Maltese Government overhauls hunting regulations and also doubles penalties for wildlife offences.

Birdlife Malta said that another Short-Toed Eagle was shot down near Buskett yesterday morning, adding it said, to a massacre which started in Gozo yesterday afternoon when a flock of raptors crossed the island and continued in Buskett later in the afternoon. […]

Middle East: Illegal trade of Saker falcons a booming business

Illegal trade of endangered Saker and Peregrine falcons continues unabated across Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, allegedly with the help of government officials.


Saker Falcon: courtesy of Dusan Boucny CZ.

For the past two decades, Peshawar is said to be the largest black market of falcons in the world. Affluent Arabs often […]

One of the 4 satellite tagged Langholm Hen Harriers missing presumed shot


Bad news about Blue, one of four hen harriers satellite tagged this year at Langholm in the Scottish boarders has now disappeared

Hen Harrier: Image courtesy of Ewan Miles

This is indeed Sad, sad news .. we have serious concerns about Blue (the young male Hen […]

Maltese Government condemns shooting of eagles in Buskett, doubles penalties

The Maltese Government yesterday condemned the shooting down of several rare Booted Eagles over Buskett, describing what had taken place as ‘barbaric’.


A booted eagle


End of the 2013 Autumn Raptor Count in Georgia

BRC’s monitoring of migrating raptors autumn 2013 is over! Yesterday, the 16th of October, was the final day of our monitoring program. In total, from both count stations together 1.229.199 raptors were counted this fall. This might be a new season record, although the data is not filtered yet on double counts.


Living in Cuckoo Land!!

The RSPB’s Hen Harrier ‘Skydancer scheme’ funded by a lottery grant worth £370,000 has now reached the milestone of two years. Blanaid Denman the project leader, has talked to 994 school children and parents and given community talks to 1069 people which is wonderful but where have all the Hen Harriers gone in that time? […]

Scotland reports fall in raptor poisoning but other wildlife crimes may be increasing.


RSPB Scotland has welcomed the publication of the Scottish Government report Wildlife Crime in Scotland and is calling for a Parliamentary debate to discuss the issue. The annual report provides information to assist the Scottish Parliament in monitoring progress of wildlife crime enforcement and reduction measures. The results […]

After a reintroduction of the Red Kite into Scotland a decade ago,the population is now expanding.

From one appalling Red Kite story in Northern Ireland to a successful one in Scotland.

October 2013. Two of Scotland’s most successful wildlife viewing projects are set to celebrate their tenth anniversaries this October.


More Red Kites in Northern Ireland are being poisoned

Wildlife Scientists in Ireland claim criminals who poison Red Kites are getting away Scott- free as it is taking months to diagnose cases of illegal poisoning. Four red kites have been found dead this year – amounting to 30% of the breeding population in Northern Ireland.


Where have all the Falcons Gone asks the Independent?

Where have all the falcons gone? Dramatic decline has set alarm bells ringing among conservationists. A disastrous decline in moorland peregrine numbers has led to bitter feuding between conservation groups and accusations levelled at grouse shooters CAHAL MILMO Author Biography Independent MONDAY 14 OCTOBER 2013.