BirdLife Malta would welcome hunters to come and join BirdLife.

KSU (St Hubert Hunters) called for Birdlife Malta’s monitoring of bird migration and associated hunting activity to be itself monitored by the government. Birdlife Malta would actually welcome the involvement of the police and even the hunters themselves in our monitoring work.


In fact, until the most recent hunting season, it has been customary for an Administrative Law Enforcement officer to accompany Birdlife during its SpringWatch and Raptor Camps. Unfortunately the new Police Commissioner chose to withdraw this long-standing arrangement for this hunting season.

Birdlife Malta would very much welcome as many ALE officers as possible to join our volunteers as we monitor illegal hunting. If, for example, it was possible for one ALE officer to accompany each team of volunteers, the police would undoubtedly witness many more illegal acts. Our volunteers are well trained in observing birds and illegal hunting activities. The officers would also be able to act more quickly when our volunteers identify illegal activity.

Despite the claims from KSU that Birdlife Malta repeatedly produces “false and damaging allegations”, we have nothing to hide. Our monitoring of migration and hunting is undertaken by law-abiding, honest people who act with integrity. The allegations by KSU are therefore deeply insulting to the volunteers who simply join us because they care about birds and conservation.

However, we would welcome KSU joining us in the countryside to help verify what our volunteers witness. We especially welcome their suggestion that the authorities become more involved in our work to ensure illegal hunting is properly dealt with, and would welcome the Commissioner’s response to this proposal.

Just imagine how effective a joint team of Birdlife Malta volunteers, police officers and even representatives of the hunting lobby would be in combating illegal hunting on Malta.

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