One of the 4 satellite tagged Langholm Hen Harriers missing presumed shot


Bad news about Blue, one of four hen harriers satellite tagged this year at Langholm in the Scottish boarders has now disappeared

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Hen Harrier: Image courtesy of Ewan Miles

This is indeed Sad, sad news .. we have serious concerns about Blue (the young male Hen Harrier satellite tagged at Langholm this summer). Blue’s satellite tag signal has ceased to transmit. The signal ended suddenly, without indication in the data of why it should do so. The most likely explanation is illegal persecution. There are other possible explanations, such as a natural death or some kind of tag failure but they are considerably less likely.The matter is now in the hands of the police.  To read more on this disappointing news follow the attached link.

For those of you reading this story from abroad, the hen harrier is now considered to be one of Britain’s rarest and most persecuted birds of prey. For the first time in over a half a century, no hen harriers successfully bred in England this year. In June this year 4 hen harrier chicks from two nests were each fitted with satellite tags to enable scientists to follow their migration. Six additional chicks from Langholm fledged successfully but were not fitted with tags. As far as we are aware the 3 additional hen harriers fitted with satellite tags are still alive.

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