Middle East: Illegal trade of Saker falcons a booming business

Illegal trade of endangered Saker and Peregrine falcons continues unabated across Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, allegedly with the help of government officials.


Saker Falcon: courtesy of Dusan Boucny CZ.

For the past two decades, Peshawar is said to be the largest black market of falcons in the world. Affluent Arabs often […]

One of the 4 satellite tagged Langholm Hen Harriers missing presumed shot


Bad news about Blue, one of four hen harriers satellite tagged this year at Langholm in the Scottish boarders has now disappeared

Hen Harrier: Image courtesy of Ewan Miles

This is indeed Sad, sad news .. we have serious concerns about Blue (the young male Hen […]

Maltese Government condemns shooting of eagles in Buskett, doubles penalties

The Maltese Government yesterday condemned the shooting down of several rare Booted Eagles over Buskett, describing what had taken place as ‘barbaric’.


A booted eagle