Red Kite ‘Blue Red 42′ found poisoned in the Irish Republic


The Golden Eagle Trust Ltd

On the 20th August Raptor Politics published the remarkable details of an Irish Red Kite ‘B3′ helped by the amazing actions of Nessie Bergin and north Co. Dublin farmer David Garrigan. Mr Garrigan who initially found the tagged kite in a potato field knew the bird was from the reintroduction project. He alerted Nessie who was able to deftly capture the red kite and place it in a box for the Golden Eagle Trust volunteers to collect and take to the project vet, Fintan Browne at Anicare Vets (Blanchardstown).  Read the complete story here.

Today we are reporting the tragic death of Red Kite ‘blue red 42′ discovered in Vartry reservoir, Roundwood, Co Wicklow in mid September. It has now been confirmed the Kite had been poisoned. The corpse of the Kite ‘blue red 42′ was found by a concerned dog walker who reported the matter to Birdwatch Ireland, who intern informed the local National Parks and wildlife staff. The full account of this disturbing incident can be followed by clicking the attached PDF. Red Kite Dead PR (20-09-2013) (1)

Review our Image Gallery relating to the short life of Red Kite ‘blue red 42′.


‘blue red 42′ on nest with parent 


‘blue red 42′ shortly after being rung under the nest


‘blue red 42′ shortly after fledging 

What a sad end to a truly magnificent raptor- why?


The corpse of red blue 42 dead in reservoir


Dead in reservoir after ingesting poison

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