Buzzard found shot at Hexham, Northumberland

Yet another Buzzard, a female, has been found shot by a member of the public at Blanchland near Hexham in Northumberland. The bird was taken to the Falconry centre at Ladyhill Farm, Simonburn, where it was found to be covered in lead shot from a 12 bore shot gun. The area where the buzzard was found is keepered for both pheasant and grouse, some of the main shooting estates in the county.The bird looked well but suddenly died later from its wounds. The suspect was thought to be a local game keeper!
Buzzard still alive but later died of gun shot wounds

The Buzzard had been shot, she was still alive but she unfortunately did not make it, one reason being the lead pellets which make up the shotgun cartridges and which are still legal under UK legislation; across England it is legal to use toxic lead cartridges so long as you are not on a foreshore, a SSSI site and are not aiming at wildfowl.


Dead as a Dodo 

The buzzard carcass  was later handed to the police and sadly that will be an end of the matter. There will be no enquiries or investigation and the persecution in the area which undoubtedly is a lot worse than one Buzzard will continue.


The area is well known for persecution of birds of prey as  Red Kites from the Gateshead reintroduction have been found dead in the area before. So bad is the area that the ‘Friends of Red Kites’ organised a meeting in Hexham to try and persuede local folk about the plight of kites and other birds of prey in the area. Sadly it seems that did not work as this poor Buzzard found out to its cost!!

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