Willie or won’t he? Prince William to take up work with animal charities.

Prince William announced yesterday that he was to leave the RAF and take up more work with charities. His main aim was to undertake work for conservation with the clip showing elephants in Africa. There is a documentary on ITV on Sunday at 6,30pm. The question has to be – Willie do work for British conservation charities like the RSPB! Willie help protect British Birds of Prey or willie just work abroad? What about Malta and Cyprus they are always shouting about the killing of song birds, including thousands of rare and protected birds of prey. As former military man surely the prince can take the flak and take on the gunmen and the lime stick men! 
The Hen Harrier, once a moorland icon in the northern uplands of England.Image by Ewan Miles.
Back home in England what about making amends and doing work for the Hen Harrier which your brother knows so well!! He could become an ambassador for the Birds of Prey even take up falconry like his ancestors and show the splendor of these birds in life – not death.
We can probable guess what he will do. Not rocking the boat and stick to species where the camera will show the cuddley side of pandas or gorillas!! WWF hope he will be working in the illegal trade of animals so if a Hen harrier is shot and passed onto a taxidermist is that not the illegal trade of animals!! His grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, was the former president of the International WWF while his father is the president of the British section of WWF. Why then is this organisation not doing any thing to bring about the end of the illegal slaughter of our Birds of Prey on red grouse moors in our own country!!
Come on William here is your opportunity to do something constructive for England’s wildlife, after all you will become King of this domain in the future.

3 comments to Willie or won’t he? Prince William to take up work with animal charities.

  • Take up falconry like his ancestors? His father and grandfather were both regular guests of the late Philip Glasier, one of our best known falconers.
    Mr Glasier used to take them both Grouse Hawking.
    As for the main subject of this announcement, I am fed up with celebrities, royals and others wittering on about Africa’s threatened wildlife. Protection of elephants, rhino’s etc is the responsibility of the governments of these African countries, just as the Tigers in India must be protected by the Indian government.
    High profile British people should concern themselves with our own dwindling and endangered species. Am I alone in thinking this?

  • Kevin Moore

    No you are not alone in your thinking Doug, but Prince William is hardly likely to stand up in defence of the Hen Harrier, when his family and the establishment are grouse shooters.

  • nirofo

    I wonder if he’ll be having a word with his brother and letting him know it’s illegal to shoot Hen Harriers, even when it’s on ones own estate.