Willie or won’t he? Prince William to take up work with animal charities.

Prince William announced yesterday that he was to leave the RAF and take up more work with charities. His main aim was to undertake work for conservation with the clip showing elephants in Africa. There is a documentary on ITV on Sunday at 6,30pm. The question has to be – Willie do work for British […]

Eagles, wind farms don’t mix. New US study shows toll on birds.

The toll on eagles from wind farms is documented in a new study from undertaken by US government biologists. The wind industry said it was working with the government and conservation groups to find ways to reduce eagle fatalities related to wind farms.


Malta – Hunters use shot guns to attack car parked by members of Malta Seabird Project

Researchers from the EU LIFE+ Malta Seabird Project were the target of a violent act of vandalism and intimidation in Gozo this week, when the car they were using for research was shot several times while parked on the road in a protected area, BirdLife(BLM) said in a statement today.