The Slaughter of African Elephants and Vultures reported out of control

It is now being reported the ongoing slaughter of Africa’s elephants is at record levels.  The situation is so bad it is out or control, especially in those countries lacking the resources to fight the increase in demand for ivory from the Far East. The images we have attached are graphic and convey the carnage and the insatiable greed of those involved in this barbarism.


Image Courtesy of Gonarezhou-Transfrontier Park

 “Poachers lace the discarded elephant carcass with cheap poisons to kill vultures in mass.  Why? Because vultures circling in the sky alert wildlife authorities to the location of poachers’ activities.”


Over 50 White-backed vultures poisoned at an elephant carcass. Image Courtesy of Gonarezhou-Transfrontier Park

“Wildlife authorities in Africa are struggling to save the remaining tuskers, there has been little attention paid to the other casualties of elephant poaching. ” Follow this tragic account here. 

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