The Slaughter of African Elephants and Vultures reported out of control

It is now being reported the ongoing slaughter of Africa’s elephants is at record levels. The situation is so bad it is out or control, especially in those countries lacking the resources to fight the increase in demand for ivory from the Far East. The images we have attached are graphic and convey the carnage […]

Invitation for the presentation of a landmark report on Wildlife Comeback in Europe

At Zoological Society of London, Regents Park 26 September 2013

Who would have thought twenty years ago that today we would have a spectacular comeback of dozens of often iconic wildlife species happening in Europe? With the wolf coming back to most European countries, a sharp increase of white-tailed eagles and the elk again expanding […]

Langholm Moor – Hen Harrier update September

We are very pleased to announce that so far the 4 Langholm hen harrier chicks which were each satellite tagged by Steve Murphy in July are all still alive and doing quite well. So far Grainne, Blue and Hattie have not ventured away from moorland in the Langholm area. However Miranda has migrated into Northumberland. […]