Marks & Spencer sale of Red Grouse:The Health Effects of low level Exposure to Lead

Mindful of the huge controversy which began last week when Marks and Spencer decided to sell red grouse to the public, obtained the company Chairman tells us from a sustainable source i.e., the North Yorkshire Moors. We have decided in the public interest to republish an article detailing the adverse health effects on public […]

Maltese Government agree to all demands made by BirdLife Malta regarding autumn hunting season.

Malta’s main hunting lobby, the Federation for Hunting, Trapping and Conservation (FKNK), yesterday said that the government had acceded to all the demands made by BirdLife Malta in negotiations over the details of this year’s autumn hunting season announced this week.


The Lone Dancer-A Window of Renewed Opportunity for returning a second Golden Eagle back to Cumbria.

Resulting from renewed concern at the plight of the single male Golden Eagle at the historic Haweswater nesting territory in the Mardale Valley, Cumbria, we are bringing the story written by Ewan Miles up to date. Anyone who has been reading recent comments posted by Doug Tricker will already know that a proposal has been […]

American Wind Industry Wildlife Biologist Fined in Unlawful Eagle Handling

A Southern California wildlife biologist sentenced for handling eagles without a license may have performed similar tasks for wind power companies while he was unlicensed. John David Bittner, who runs the Ramona-based Wildlife Research Institute, was sentenced to three years probation and a $7,500 fine for violations of the federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection […]

Scottish Natural Heritage: Scottish Ospreys help Spain reintroduction

Twelve young Scottish Osprey have been released on the north Spanish coast near Bilbao, as the first stage of a five-year project to restore breeding Ospreys to the Basque Country. Last year, the Biscay Regional Council and the Urdaibai Bird Center asked Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) for permission for the project. SNH issued a special […]

Isle of Skye Hen Harriers 2013

Breeding Report for Hen Harriers on the Isle of Skye by Bob McMillan

[singlepic id=235 w=320 h=240 float=left]Last year’s breeding season found a significant decline in breeding numbers from the normal 8-10 pairs to around 5 known pairs. The 2013 breeding season commenced with a number of pairs present, but again low numbers, […]

BirdLife Malta reacts angrily to Autumn Hunting announcement


BirdLife Malta Executive Director Steve Micklewright said, “It was revealed in some media that the Government’s new Wild Birds Regulation Unit was being staffed by hunting sympathisers last week. Today’s decision clearly shows what happens when you put hunters in charge of bird conservation.”


Southern Africa – Namibia: 500 Birds found Poisoned

THE discovery of about 500 poisoned carrion birds’ (which include other species besides vultures) carcasses in the Caprivi (now renamed Zambezi) this past weekend is considered by expert conservationists as one of the worst cases in the history of Southern Africa.


Twenty Andean Condors reported poisoned in Chile, 2 die.

SANTIAGO, Chile — Twenty condors were apparently poisoned with insecticide in the Chilean Andes cordillera and two of the giant birds have died, Chilean officials confirm Monday 12/08/2013.


Manchester Police appeal for help from the public after a peregrine falcon was found shot near Leigh

A shot peregrine falcon was spotted by a passing driver by the road side near the East Lancs Road between Leigh and Golborne not far from Bolton.