Bristol peregrine falcon recovering after being shot

A young peregrine falcon which was found injured by a roadside near Bristol had been shot, it has now emerged.


The female falcon had recently fledged from a nearby nest  at AVONMOUTH and was found near Keynsham by a member of the public. When it was taken to a local vet to be checked an X-ray showed it had been shot in the wing.


E-Ray image showing two lead pellets lodged in wing, it appears no bones were damaged

The bird had been ringed on 2 July by Ed Drewett a local peregrine scientists studying peregrine behaviour and survival rates in the Bristol area.

The falcon has now been taken to a rehabilitation centre to recover. This incident is particulary worrying, as this is the first record of a peregrine falcon being shot in the Avon and Somerset area of England. We just hope that its the last.

Avon and Somerset Police have appealed for anyone with information on the shooting to come forward.

Images Courtesy of Ed Drewitt and Peter Burden

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