For those of you who didn’t click onto this link I sent out the other day, can you please do so now and then send it over to the contacts  on the attachment.  Many of you may remember a letter we received last year calling for evidence; many of the lines ended with these pleads:
EVIDENCE please (of “certain and wholesale extinction”).
EVIDENCE please.
EVIDENCE please of things getting worse and worse.
Well if it’s evidence they want then tell them to take a good look at this.  Bats drawn in by the swarms of insects that for some reason congregate around the blades, getting hit and dropping out of the sky like stones.  These sickening images are the reality and mindlessness of ‘green energy’ in it’s current form.  Remember this is happening everywhere and anywhere there are wind-farms.
Please send the link below over to them and ask them what they intend to do about it.
Link courtesy of EPAW.
Please also remember, these creatures have no political voice of their own and it’s up to us to speak for them.
Yours sincerely.
Robert Piller.
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