My name is Andrew Jake – As some of you may know, in February I discovered a horror to all wildlife enthusiasts. The horrific sighting was reported to the RSPB and to the police. For months I have awaited an outcome from the case. That was until yesterday. Discovering that the brutal murderers received no justice at all. It’s was heart breaking to learn that this happens to our fantastic wildlife. Persecution needs to stop, not only for Birds of Prey but for all wildlife. I’ve not been in the best of moods the past few days, but it is understandable giving the circumstances. All I can say is what goes around comes around!! Finding these 3 beautiful Buzzards in the way that I did, is enough to scar anyone.

Colin Burne using a wooden club to kill three buzzards he had illegally trapped. Mr Burne came well prepared bringing a white bucket to carry away the corpses of the buzzards he bludgeoned to death.
On the 30th June 2011 in the House of Commons the Labour MP Angela Smith (Penistone & Stocksbridge, South Yorkshire) asked Richard Benyon the Minister in charge of DEFRA the following important question: Only two weeks ago, a gamekeeper was convicted for illegally killing birds of prey in my constituency. Is it not time to think about introducing a vicarious liability offence to ensure that landowners and estate managers supervise their gamekeepers more closely and more effectively”?
This is the misleading reply the Minister gave to the House
“There are very good laws in place to punish the illegal killing of any animal. If they are not being effectively enforced, they must be and we will take steps to make sure that happens. However, this is a good opportunity to applaud gamekeepers for the wonderful work they do in providing excellent biodiversity across our countryside.”
Mr. Benyon after viewing the above video, may we ask if you still think existing wildlife legislation is good enough to do the job? If you do then you are in the minority, if you don’t please get up off your backside and use parliament to do something about this unacceptable situation.