Hunting fears as rare golden eagles vanish in Scotland’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’

Writing in yesterdays Independent, Oliver Duggan highlights the disappearance of yet another Golden Eagle in what he claims is becoming Scotland’s avian “Bermuda triangle”.  Duggan points to the fear these iconic raptors are being systematically hunted. Well we all know that but very, if anything is being done that will bring an end to this appalling situation. For one thing legislation in Scotland is somewhat different than in England. In Scotland before anyone can be held accountable and prosecuted successfully in a court of law, two witnesses to the offence is required. In addition unlike in England, video evidence obtained by any professional organisation, for example the RSPB, has in the past been ruled by Scottish courts as inadmissible. Until the law is changed in Scotland then it is unlikely anything constructive will be achieved; eagles of both species will continue to disappear and no one will be held accountable.

According to Duggan a fifth eagle disappeared without a trace in Cairnghorm National Park last month, a 100 square kilometre area between Moray and Aberdeenshire that has drawn comparisons with the Caribbean island for the regular disappearance of birds. The full account of what Mr Duggan has written can be read here.

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