Peregrine & Down Hill Mountain Biker Video

Although this video has no association with raptor persecution, because it shows the speed and dexterity of a trained peregrine giving chase to a man speeding down hill on a mountain bike, we feel the short clip is well worth a look. The falcon was released from the top of the mountain and is following […]

White-tailed eagle nesting tree reported cut down in Angus.

Police in Angus Scotland are investigating allegations that a White-tailed eagle’s nest was destroyed in Angus by cutting down the nesting tree in January. Strange that it has taken 5 months for the information to be released to the public. Conservationists have pointed out the destroyed nest was the first constructed by white-tailed eagles […]

Two Buzzards found poisoned in Sidmouth

Police are investigating the suspected use of poison in Sidmouth that left two birds of prey dead – and could put young lives at risk. The buzzards were found in a water trough near a public footpath.


Police in Staffordshire investigating theft of peregrine chicks.

THIEVES are suspected of stealing four peregrine falcon chicks from their nest at a beauty spot in the second week of June. Police and wildlife experts are investigating the disappearance of the young birds of prey from a nesting site at the Roaches, in the Staffordshire Moorlands. […]

Police in Scotland are investigating the discovery of poisoned baits on a sporting estate in South Lanarkshire.

The Leadhills Estate has been the focus of a series of recent investigations by wildlife crime officers, all associated with wildlife crimes against raptors.


Forest of Bowland, Eagle Owl Disaster – 3 nests found deserted on the United Utilities Estate.

On May 5th 2013 we published details of an abandoned eagle owl nest containing 4 deserted eggs found on the United Utilities estates in the Forest of Bowland, see here for details. The abandoned nest was found by Terry Pickford and Kevin Moore – two members of the North West Raptor Group. On the 8th […]

Buzzard Cull- DEFRA reply to question they received from a Raptor Politics follower.

We received the attached information today from one of our regular followers who had taken the time and troubl to write to Defra to voice concern at the recent cull of four buzzard nests containing eggs. We suspect the reply received is a standard format which Defra has sent to everyone who sent their concerns. […]

Has that day finally arrived?

Information reaching ‘Raptor Politics’ suggests there are NO Hen Harriers breeding in England this year at all! Several sites have had birds early on, but like most years the birds that do show end up in a hole in the ground, or the head keeper’s incinerator. When will this make headlines? Will the BBC actually […]

Live Raptor Web Cams from around the world- Third Update

If anyone is aware of any additional live raptor web cams not featured below, we would appreciate you getting in touch with us. Please send any details via the Contact Us link on the home page, or alternatively you can add the information as a comment and we can pick the link up from there, […]

More video of the first golden eagle chick hatched in the Czech Republic in 120 years.

For those of you who are interested, we have just received additional video footage capturing the development of the first eaglet hatched in the Czech Republic since 1893.

As far as we are aware the nesting site and precious chick have not suffered any harm following the tremendous rain storm which has caused widespread damage […]