Live Raptor Web Cams from around the World-Third update

If anyone is aware of any additional live raptor web cams  not featured below, we would appreciate you getting in touch with us. Please send any details via the Contact Us link on the home page, or alternatively you can add the information as a comment and we can pick the link up from there, thank you.

Hobby Nest Hungary–

Osprey nest Wales- DYFI Osprey Project

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Osprey Nest in Estonia

Please nore, this osprey nest has failed this year.

Osprey Nest America!/live-cams/player/live-osprey-cam

Eagle Owls in the Netherlands

Long-Eared Owl America!/live-cams/player/long-eared-owl-cam

Great-Horned Owl America!/live-cams/player/great-horned-owl-cam

White-tailed Eagles in Hungary

White-tailed Eagles in Denmark

White-tailed Eagles in Estonia

If you wish to view recorded video of this site starting from nest building, the first egg, you can review several captured sequences taken in early February up to date here.

Red-tailed hawk, America

Wolftree Golden Eagle Web Cam, America

Bald Eagle, America

Peregrine, Norwich Cathederal

Peregrine, Nottingham Trent University

Peregrine, London

Peregrine, Chichester

Peregrine, Derby Cathederal

Goshawk, New Forest

Saker Falcon, Bukki National Park, Hungary

Osprey, Loch Garten

Multi Species

We apologise but we are unable to bring any ‘live’ web cam images of raptors breeding upon the wild uplands of Britain?

Barn Owl Nest Box, Dorset

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