Has that day finally arrived?

Information reaching ‘Raptor Politics’ suggests there are NO Hen Harriers breeding in England this year at all! Several sites have had birds early on, but like most years the birds that do show end up in a hole in the ground, or the head keeper’s incinerator. When will this make headlines? Will the BBC actually use the story. Do this government even care? Will the Lib Dems shrug their shoulders and just bow to the beast?

If this is true how can the United Utilities PLc continue to pay the RSPB to look after and protect their birds in the Forest of Bowland. ‘oh, it was definitely the weather this year. Lack of prey. Those dammed Eagle Owls! Those dammed North West Raptor Group members disturbing everything in sight’!

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The Hen Harrier the proud Logo of the Forest of Bowland. Before the RSPB took control of their protection in the Forest of Bowland, there were over 40 pairs, now there are none, WHY?

Hang on then. Where have all the Peregrines gone this year? Was that lack of prey as well? Is the management of the moor preventing prey from establishing like too much burning when other SSSIs only allow cutting or was there too many field workers for the number of birds active? Langholm has 2 pairs of Hen Harriers this season, so why non in Bowland and RSPB Geltsdale or for that matter Northumberland, Yorkshire or Durham. Even Derbyshire should have some with the new policy by the National Trust?

We are told 400 pairs of hen harriers possible throughout the North of England and now a huge NIL. Wake up everybody out there it’s your heritage that is being destroyed for a few ‘rich cats’ pleasure!!!

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  • skydancer

    Lolo Williams said last week on springwatch there are thirty pairs of hen harrier in Wales, the weather is just as bad there if not worse than in Bowland and here at Geltsdale. Can the RSPB please explain how the harrier has now managed to increase in number in Wales and on the Isle of Man? Sorry the weather and lack of voles is no longer an excuse. If the RSPB are unable to protect hen harriers on their own reserve in the northern Pennines, they will do no better anywhere else. Its was a gross error of judgement on Natural England’s part in my view, to remove licenses from the one raptor group the local gamekeepers in Bowland feared the most. Is the news I am hearing true? Have all the eagle owl nests failed this year along with 99% of peregrine nests in Bowland?

  • paul williams

    Wildlife Extra News – Major new RSPB reserve opens in Yorkshire
    The online wildlife magazine for those who like wildlife, wildlife news and watching wildlife, plus a guide to UK nature reserves. “Just wondering what the RSPB did with public donations to help birds of prey” Just wondering!!!

  • paul williams

    No Harriers…Again. 1 nesting Peregrine Falcon in the whole of the Forest of Bowland @ CENSORED Quarry.What happened to all the rest? Down the same rabbit hole. To quote the RSPB in Bowland “You know what you’re doing”

  • paul williams

    British Trust for Ornithology. Will I ever get my licence back to pull the RSPB and Natural England out of the mire they are in??? And don’t forget, they get paid to do what they do, I don’t.

  • kevin moore

    So after all the money and various projects that have been set up to save the Hen Harrier,Natural England’s Hen Harrier Recovery Project, Operation Artemis, Project Skydancer, to name just three,the Hen Harrier is now extinct in England as a breeding bird, thank you very much RSPB and Natural England for allowing this wonderful iconic moorland bird to dissappear from the uplands of northern England. It seems to me this situation has been brought about because Natural England places the interest of estates before wildlife.

  • tweedler

    This is nothing short of a disaster,someone has a lot of questions to answer, is their anyone at United Utilities, RSPB or Natural England going to tell us the reasons for this epic disater? The RSPB/UU wardens have nothing to be proud of, they have allowed all this to happen on their watch, if they have any principles they will resign en masse, they have been trusted to protect these beautiful birds so future generations can visit the Forest of Bowland and see these birds for themselves, you have to ask yourself with no birds left to protect what can these wardens be doing now? More importantly, why have the RSPB wardens not had the courage to come out and admit things relating to raptors in Bowland are going badly wrong. Perhaps if something had been said earlier this tregedy could have been avoided; I am talking not just about the eagle owls, but also the peregrines and hen harriers.

  • kevin moore

    Tweedler. Perhaps I can enlighten you on what the RSPB/UU wardens are doing in Bowland now there are almost no raptors to watch or protect. I can tell you that one of them spent three and a half hours on Saturday morning watching me walking minding by own business in the Croasdale valley, very strange behaviour. You may be forgiven for thinking I was attempting to cross the North Korean Border. Instead of taking an interest in people who love raptors and would never harm them, why are these people not interested in the gamekeepers who are responsible for the current situation?

    Kevin Moore, North West Raptor Group.

  • skydancer

    Kevin, the answer is quite simple, they do not got the courage to confront gamekeepers, that is why they cowardly agree not to report any persecution on the United Utilited estate, keep up the good work exposing the truth in Bowland .

  • Hugh Gillings

    This nonsense of UU paying the RSPB for managing the Forest of Bowland is absolutely absurd. All the RSPB are interested in is making money for the ‘fat cats’ that sit at the management level.

    All members who pay good money thinking that they are contributing to protecting birds need to be informed of what the RSPB are doing or not doing to protect birds.

    There needs to be a campaign against the RSPB who are getting good money for doing a job – which clearly they are not interested in. Makes me so bloody angry.

    Having been an RSPB member for over 20 years – I will not be renewing my membership next year.