Forest of Bowland, Eagle Owl Disaster – 3 nests found deserted on the United Utilities Estate.

On May 5th 2013 we published details of an abandoned eagle owl nest containing 4 deserted eggs found on the United Utilities estates in the Forest of Bowland, see here for details. The abandoned nest was found by Terry Pickford and Kevin Moore – two members of the North West Raptor Group. On the 8th […]

Buzzard Cull- DEFRA reply to question they received from a Raptor Politics follower.

We received the attached information today from one of our regular followers who had taken the time and troubl to write to Defra to voice concern at the recent cull of four buzzard nests containing eggs. We suspect the reply received is a standard format which Defra has sent to everyone who sent their concerns. […]

Has that day finally arrived?

Information reaching ‘Raptor Politics’ suggests there are NO Hen Harriers breeding in England this year at all! Several sites have had birds early on, but like most years the birds that do show end up in a hole in the ground, or the head keeper’s incinerator. When will this make headlines? Will the BBC actually […]