The Latest American Wind-Energy Outrage

The wording of the Eagle Protection Act could not be any clearer. It “prohibits anyone, without a permit issued by the Secretary of the Interior,” from “taking” bald or golden eagles. The law defines “take” as “pursue, shoot, shoot at, poison, wound, kill, capture, trap, collect, molest or disturb.”


Ospreys on Rutland Water to be fitted with Satellite Trackers to combat persecution

The Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust is hoping to prevent what it believes is the persecution of rare ospreys in Rutland by attaching satellite trackers to the birds. The GPS trackers fitted to each osprey will provide amazing detail, including the location of the birds at any time, their speed, altitude and flight direction. […]

Former owner of National Birds of Prey Centre at Newent in Gloucestershire charged with selling birds illegally

The former owner of the National Birds of Prey Centre, Keith Beaven, is appearing in court accused of a number of wildlife, theft and fraud offences, all related to protected birds.


What future do Scotland’s White-tailed eagles face asks Stephen Moss

The sight of the white-tailed eagle‘s impressive two-metre wingspan in our skies was eventually saved by a reintroduction scheme in Scotland. But, even as its recovery is being hailed as a conservation success, the mighty bird may be under threat once again. The population remains small, vulnerable and limited to just one area of the […]

Irish White-Tailed Eagle Reintroduction – Historic Landmark Success, as the first chicks in 110 years hatch.

Five week old White-tailed eagle chick

Two pairs of White-tailed Eagles have successfully hatched chicks in Ireland for the first time in over 110 years. In the last week a pair was confirmed to have hatched chicks at a nest near Mountshannon, Co Clare. This pair also created history […]

Eagle Owl nest discoveries discussed in Dunsop Bridge Café

We have just received an interesting comment relating to the discovery of two eagle owl nests each containing eggs in the Forest of Bowland this year. The comment which we have republished below was allegedly over heard in the small café in the centre of DunsopBridge at lunch time on Sunday 21st April. We feel […]

Live Web Cams from around the world-Updated

If anyone is aware of any additional live raptor web cams not featured below, we would appreciate you getting in touch with us. Please send any details via the Contact Us link on the home page, or alternatively you can add the information as a comment and we can pick the link up from there, […]

Kestrel Update from Mark Thomas, Wildlife Crime Officer Lancashire Constabulary

Earlier today we received a telephone call from Mark Thomas, WLC officer, regarding our reporting of the incorrect identification of a Kestrel found in the boot of a vehicle during a drug bust near Garstang last week. Initially Raptor Politics had received details of this incident via a face book message copied from the police […]

Can a management strategy using the natural surplus help combat the decline of raptors caused by persecution?

As a falconer / breeder of birds of prey and someone who has seen captive breeding go from something that was thought impossible only 40 years ago for some raptor species to becoming almost a complete science today. I am baffled as to why we are not combating human persecution of raptors with human […]

Eagle owl nest found deserted; RSPB stalk raptor workers.

Monitoring or just watching raptors in the Forest of Bowland has never been an easy or a pleasant exercise for members of the North West Raptor Group since Natural England revoked some, but not all, of their raptor disturbance licenses.

Bowland Eagle Owl nest found abandoned on United Utilities estates […]