New images of the first Golden Eagle chick hatched in the Czech Republic in 120 years

On 20th May Raptor Politics received news from the Czech Republic of the first successful breeding of a pair of reintroduced Golden Eagles at a secret nesting site in Northern Moravia. We were also fortunate to have been provided with the first images of the single eaglet hatched within the Czech Republic since 1893. See here. 

We are now publishing additional images captured using a remote camera over-looking the eyrie in a pine tree. The images show the female golden eagle with her single 2 week old eaglet. All the images together with the attached video, taken on 28/29 May 2013 by Enrico Gombala, have been provided exclusively to Raptor Politics by Otakar Zavalsky, Project Leader. Otakar Zalalsky is shown below holding one of the first eaglets provided to the Czech Reintroduction Project under licence from Slovakia. Needless to say, Otakar Zavalsy has every right to be proud of this successful ground breaking project.  


Otakar Zavalsky, Golden Eagle Reintroduction Project Leader, Czech Republic. Looking like a proud father.

More images below showing the nesting site containing a single eaglet and a devoted mother.










Short video captured by Enrico Gombala, Morthern Moravia, Czech Republic 28/29 May 2013.


2 comments to New images of the first Golden Eagle chick hatched in the Czech Republic in 120 years

  • Anne Cardwell

    Silly question really, but can someone please explain why we are hearing only good news about raptors from outside the UK? I feel ashamed at the situation that exists in Britain. Instead of increasing, raptors on England’s uplands are in decline and with the Tory government calling the SHOTS, the situation will continue to get much worste. May I say well done to the Czech Republic where raptors are respected not persecuted, how refreshing.

  • paul williams

    A very heart warming story of success.Sadly here in the UK we only get heart wrenching stories of persecution.