New e-petition. Do not licence the culling of Buzzards in Scotland


There’s a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it:

SNH: Do not licence the culling of buzzards in Scotland.

By Lewis D.

Our natural heritage is in trouble!!

Natural England (Westminsters advisor on the natural environment) has secretly issued licences to destroy a localised population of buzzards for the sake of pheasant stocks in England. There are now fears that the Scottish Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage will follow suit and issue licences for a cull of buzzards.

Is it right to kill a native British bird so an imported bird from Asia can be fattened up and shot anyway?

Over a third of pheasants are killed on British roads each year. Buzzards take only 1-2% of them for food.

In the UK, there are around 40,000 breeding pairs of buzzard. 35 million pheasant are bred each year to shoot!

What do we have to offer for future generations if we forsake our wildlife for money?

2 comments to New e-petition. Do not licence the culling of Buzzards in Scotland

  • nirofo

    This is the same e petition I told you about on the 24th May.

    Editor’s Comment. Thanks but we just thought a second publication would do no harm.

  • James

    Our natural heritage is in trouble all right.

    It’s about time these vermin (Buzzards) can be killed to bring them under control. They are currently breeding way out of control and damaging the diversity of species in the countryside (and utterly terrorising every creature that lives in it – I know, because I live in it and see it every day). Wise up, shut up, and let common sense prevail – unless you want to see all smaller birds wiped out by Buzzards. Most of you sick fxxxs don’t mind that, as you like watching little birds getting ripped apart while they are still alive by a Buzzard.

    Editor’s Comment, James your choice of language sums up your knowledge on this subject, you simply do not know what you are talking about. You make an issue of the smaller birds; we presume you are talking about song birds? In European countries like Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic song bird populations are currently at normal levels. Importantly, raptors are also regularly seen in high numbers in each of these countries, and so far the two populations coexist. Its human being that cause the problem, using too many harmful chemicals together with poor farming practices. This is one of the main reason our wildlife is so unbalanced, but you wouldn’t care too much about that would you? The world is changing James and changing faster that you realise, what a pity your vocabulary remains in the Victorian era.