Iolo Williams delivers heart warming speach to members of the Welsh Assembly

Everyone should take the time to view what Iolo Williams had to tell members of the Welsh Assembly last week. Talking about the State of Nature in the area in Wales where Iolo was brought up, Assembly members were told in no uncertain words that they needed to stop thinking about their fat pay checks and pensions and do something constructive to restore habitats  and wildlife back to how they should be, and must be, if the fauna and flora is going to survive during the next 20 – 30 years.
The speech Iolo Williams presented brought tears to your eyes and was delivered from the heart of this dedicated and passionate Welshman. Indeed, Iolo Williams could have been talking about the present situation in the Forest of Bowland where curlews are disappearing, the hen harrier has been lost, and during the last three years numbers of peregrine, and short-eared owl located in this moorland area have been declining at an alarming rate. The difference between the area in Wales Iolo Williams was speaking about and what is taking place in the Forest of Bowland, there is no one willing to stand up for disappearing wildlife or tell the truth about what is being allowed to happen. The reason is simple, those organisations in charge of wildlife conservation throughout the Forest of Bowland are placing their own salaries and pensions first before the interests of the regions flora and fauna.   
Please take the time to view the complete 16 minutes of what Iolo William’s had to say. If  there were just a few more individuals like Iolo Williams perhaps what is being allowed to happen to wildlife in the Forest of Bowland could be rectified before it’s to late.

7 comments to Iolo Williams delivers heart warming speach to members of the Welsh Assembly

  • rob maye

    Iolo might have been talking about Wales but every word he said applies to the whole of this country. It would have been interesting to have panned the audience and seen their reaction to these words of truth spoken by one of the true ambassadors and champions of nature. This needs to be seen far and wide…….

  • harrier man

    As well as Bowland the north pennines shares a similar situation although we have not had the dedicated raptor workers. The north pennines AONB celebrates its 25th anniversery this year but to me has failed miserably from its natural perspective.

  • paul williams

    A very hard hitting speech to everyone.However, singled out where the fat cheque big pension government agency employees who feel they need to do absolutely nothing for their pay cheque. A lot more needs to be done about all wildlife in the Forest of Bowland or it will only get worse. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!Speak out,be counted, and do something.

  • john miles

    I have shared it on facebook so it can be transported around the world. Do the same.

  • paul williams

    John Miles….shared and shared again…done

  • raymond davies

    Today I heard part of Iolo Williams speech he gave to theWelsh Assembly.I am amazed at his strength of feeling that he delivers.I agree and support his every word but I fear he may have made a lot of enemies in speaking the way he did.
    Well done Iolo,keep up your fine work and many thanks for the many nature programs you have made.

  • Chris Williams

    Iolo made a great tv prog about the murderous hunters of Malta years ago where he was shot at! Great. to see Chris Packham on board this year. A boycott of Malta as a holiday destination would yield quicker results.