New e-petition. Do not licence the culling of Buzzards in Scotland

There’s a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it:

SNH: Do not licence the culling of buzzards in Scotland. By Lewis D. Rosyth Sign the Petition

Our natural heritage is in trouble!!

Natural England (Westminsters advisor on the natural environment) has secretly issued […]

Iolo Williams delivers heart warming speach to members of the Welsh Assembly

Everyone should take the time to view what Iolo Williams had to tell members of the Welsh Assembly last week. Talking about the State of Nature in the area in Wales where Iolo was brought up, Assembly members were told in no uncertain words that they needed to stop thinking about their fat pay checks […]

Maltese Hunter fined 4,650 Euros for hunting in Nature Reserve

A hunter was this week fined €4,650 and banned from hunting for three years after being convicted of hunting at the Natura 2000 Nature Reserve in Mellieha. […]