Hen Harriers – Good News from Langholm at last.

We have just been advised that  currently there are three female and two male hen harriers on the Langholm moors this season. Let us hope that despite the terrible weather, there may be a chance of  perhaps two successful broods. Our only concern is that any fledged young produced are likely to disappear once they migrate away from Langholm crossing onto moorland where their presence is not encouraged. Taking into consideration the benifits of fitting satellite tags, will those in charge of the Langholm Moor Demonstration Project make the important desicion  to fit any chicks produced this summer with a satellite tag before leaving the nest?  Just as important, will Natural England release details of the moorland locations where subsequently any of the tagged harriers were tracked before disappearing off the radar for never?


6 comments to Hen Harriers – Good News from Langholm at last.

  • Lets hope that the breeding season for both harriers and red grouse goes well and that the new S.N.H. website is released soon.
    The Spring density count of red grouse has been trundling along ar around 40/100ha since 2009. Perhaps 2013 will hopefully show a major improvement?

  • wind warrior

    If you have seen the condition of the heather this year you would not expect much from the Red Grouse this year!

  • john miles

    Here at Geltsdale the heather is still dark brown. The temperatures will have to rise a lot to get the sap to rise in the heather.

  • nirofo

    Let’s hope that Natural England don’t put a spanner in the works and the RSPB keep their grubby little fingers away until the breeding season is over. The Hen Harriers have enough to contend with, what the weather conditions being the way they are just now, they can do without any unwarranted interference from inexperienced amateurs in the RSPB who think they know it all keeping them off their nests.

  • skydancer

    lets hope there are no stalwarts on the langholm estate.

  • Graeme Spratt

    Wated 2 days . Then watched for about 3 hours food pass 5 times . Well worth the wate . Be back again soon ,, keep up the good work !!