The first British Osprey to cross back into Europe successfully in her first year of life.

A first  year osprey named fearna which fledged from a nest in the Scottish Highlands in 2012 is the first of its kind to be tracked all the way from Scotland crossing the full length of  England across France and Morocco before finally stopping off in the western Sahara. As if that achievement was not remarkable enough, fearna has now been tracked all the way back to Spain this year at just eleven months old, not bad for a youngster which did not visit ‘Specksavers’.

What makes fearna’s migration truly extraordinary was not that she was the first British osprey to made this long journey twice unscathed, finding her way back to Europe within the first eleven months of her short life. By using satellite technology each and every stop over point of the fearna’s initial southerly and return migrations, crossing two continents in the process was meticulously recorded by state of the art technology fitted to fearna by Roy Dennis when she was just a few weeks old.

Isn’t is curious, despite many requests, Natural England have been unable to clarify where each of the hen harriers they fitted with the same satellite technology were tracked before mysteriously disappearing for ever off the radar. These birds did not disappear in some far off African country, or in the sandy wastes of the Sahara, they did not even cross the channel, instead they all appeared to meet their untimely end on red grouse moorlands in Britain, but which ones we are not being told. Very strange that, perhaps the satellite transmitters Natural England purchased were found on E-bay with a Chinese origin.

You can follow fearna’s remarkable story here:  

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