New images of the first Golden Eagle chick hatched in the Czech Republic in 120 years

On 20th May Raptor Politics received news from the Czech Republic of the first successful breeding of a pair of reintroduced Golden Eagles at a secret nesting site in Northern Moravia. We were also fortunate to have been provided with the first images of the single eaglet hatched within the Czech Republic since 1893. See […]


The RSPB is calling on farmers and birdwatchers to help locate the UK’s rarest nesting bird of prey: the Montagu’s harrier. The population of this beautiful bird of prey is down to fewer than a dozen pairs, most of which nest in crops.


New e-petition. Do not licence the culling of Buzzards in Scotland

There’s a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it:

SNH: Do not licence the culling of buzzards in Scotland. By Lewis D. Rosyth Sign the Petition

Our natural heritage is in trouble!!

Natural England (Westminsters advisor on the natural environment) has secretly issued […]

Iolo Williams delivers heart warming speach to members of the Welsh Assembly

Everyone should take the time to view what Iolo Williams had to tell members of the Welsh Assembly last week. Talking about the State of Nature in the area in Wales where Iolo was brought up, Assembly members were told in no uncertain words that they needed to stop thinking about their fat pay checks […]

Maltese Hunter fined 4,650 Euros for hunting in Nature Reserve

A hunter was this week fined €4,650 and banned from hunting for three years after being convicted of hunting at the Natura 2000 Nature Reserve in Mellieha. […]

A Licence to kill

[singlepic id=294 w=320 h=240 float=left]Shame has now landed at the doorstep of Natural England, the Government’s statutory wildlife protection agency. Instead of protecting England’s wildlife heritage as they were set up to do, Natural England have used their statutory powers instead to protect the interests of shooting estate landowners and an alien […]

The first Golden Eagle Chick to Hatch in 120 years in the Czech Republic

Today Monday 20 May, 2013, I wish to officially announce that a pair of Golden Eagles reintroduced into the Czech Republic have successfully hatched at least one chick, possibly two, for the first time in 120 years in our country.

As everyone can imagine, those involved in this prestigious project are delighted with the outcome […]

Hen Harriers – Good News from Langholm at last.

We have just been advised that currently there are three female and two male hen harriers on the Langholm moors this season. Let us hope that despite the terrible weather, there may be a chance of perhaps two successful broods. Our only concern is that any fledged young produced are likely to disappear once they […]

Call to arms against ‘Nazi’ wind farms

Stevenson, second right, with anti-wind farm activists

A SENIOR Tory has compared the march of wind farms in Scotland’s countryside to the threat posed by Nazi Germany. Struan Stevenson has provoked the wrath of energy companies by urging Britons opposed to turbines to “recapture the same spirit that defeated Nazi Germany and […]

The first British Osprey to cross back into Europe successfully in her first year of life.

A first year osprey named fearna which fledged from a nest in the Scottish Highlands in 2012 is the first of its kind to be tracked all the way from Scotland crossing the full length of England across France and Morocco before finally stopping off in the western Sahara. As if that achievement was not […]