RSPB puts up £1,000 reward after a fourth buzzard in four months found shot in North Yorkshire

2013 Farndale Buzzard 001 Police in Yorkshire are investigating the shooting of the female buzzard, which was found just north of Kirbymoorside in Farndale. This was the fourth buzzard known to have been shot in the same region in just four months. Gunshot was found in the bird’s wing and bone fragments were sticking out of the injury. Animal welfare experts believe it had spent as long as ten days in this state and it had to be put down by vets.

The RSPB had only recently been celebrating the successful reintroduction of buzzards to the east of England.

The latest crime has prompted the organisation to put up a cash reward for anyone who provides information that will lead to a conviction.

The officer in charge of the investigation, PC Stewart Ashton from North Yorkshire Police said it was likely more birds have been killed in the area. The last information put into the public domain by the North Yorkshire Police regarding dead buzzards found in the county was in October 2011, see here

He said: “This is the fourth buzzard reported to have been shot in Ryedale over the past four months. This figure alone is disturbing but due to the hidden nature of the crime, this figure will not be a true portrayal of the number of raptors being killed.”

Jean Thorpe from the Ryedale Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre had collected the buzzard and taken it immediately to a veterinary surgery for treatment.

She said: “To know this fine buzzard was deliberately shot and could not survive the wild life it should have had, is a disgrace. Shame on whoever did this deed.”

In 2011 the RSPB named North Yorkshire as the UK’s worst black spot for crimes against birds of prey, saying there were more incidents recorded in the region than in Scotland, Wales and all of England’s southern counties combined in 2010.

According to the RSPB nearly 75 per cent of those convicted of bird of prey crimes had ties to game shooting and an interest in removing potential predators from grouse moors.

The Societ have submitted written evidence to the House of Commons Environment Audit Committee stating there is a “strong body of scientific evidence” linking raptor persecution with upland moors managed for grouse shooting.

Anyone with information should contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

3 comments to RSPB puts up £1,000 reward after a fourth buzzard in four months found shot in North Yorkshire

  • And now a Buzzard has been found in Derbyshire with it’s beak bound with twine, the evil, sad and sick excuse/ excuses for human beings who did this made two holes in this poor birds beak and threaded twine through it, this bird was alive when this was done and it starved to death, when are these sick people going to get the sentences they deserve???? until they do this will never end.

  • paul

    Up until recently there were 2pairs of buzzards nesting in the vicinity of YO74BQ .. Not heard or seen in a week now … reports of gamekeeper making comments about their inevitable disappearence ….

    Editor’s Comment. Paul this sort of thing is taking place all the time, it comes as no surprise, if you find anything else out please do get in touch. This morning members of the North West Raptor Group checked out two historic Bowland peregrines sites, one displaying pair seen three weeks ago but have subsequently disappeared. The second site abandoned, no falcons seen since 2009 when one chick fledged. Local farmer informed the field workers new shooting tenant taken over the estate, making his feeling clear in the community – he did not want raptors on the estate..

  • julie wells

    anyone lost red tailed american buzzard it is reaping havoc on local birdlife !! yesterday took seagull chicks from nest it’s tail feathers look a bit bedraggled trying to survive away from its natural habitat (america) someone is missing this bird has leg rings!! but not sure if it is registered trying to lure it!!